Skin Care August 22, 2017

Skip These Mistakes When Shaving Your Bikini Line

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Spending more time in a swimsuit comes with a variety of emotions. For many women getting into a swimsuit at all can be an emotional task. But we’re not here to talk about the emotions, our goal is to help you feel as great as possible in your swimsuit and part of that is taking care of your bikini line. This time of year our bikini line tends to be on display much more than the rest of the year so we thought we would share some insight here. Skip these mistakes when shaving your bikini line…

Using a Dull Razor
Look, we get it…you want to make your razors last as long as possible. For some reason replacing razors seems like such a task. The problem with using razors for too long is they become dull and can leave you with a bikini line that ends up with bumps and burns. We know you want to avoid that so it’s time to get serious about keeping up with changing your razor on a much more consistent basis. Anytime you begin to notice the razor becoming dull, do yourself a favor and replace it as soon as possible.

Not Allowing Your Skin to Become Soft
Experts advise against shaving any area of your body as soon as you get into the shower. This is a common mistake people make, feeling like it’s something to get done and over with as quickly as possible. The problem with shaving first when you get into the shower is your skin hasn’t had a chance to become soft. Shaving your bikini line when your skin isn’t soft and wet can lead to razor burn and irritation in the bikini line area. Instead, take your time and give your skin a chance to fully absorb the water and become soft. The razor will be able to glide over the skin and hair much more gently, giving you results that you’re much more confident about.

Using Fragrance Filled Products
We probably don’t need to tell you, but we’re going to anyways-your bikini line is much more sensitive than the other parts of your body you shave. Since your bikini line is so much more sensitive, it’s advised to skip using any products like shaving creams or soaps that are scented with fragrances. Fragrances are known to cause irritation in the skin. Instead, stick with shaving cream products that are fragrance free. This way you won’t have to worry about any irritation or risk of it in this sensitive area.

Not Using Any Product
Continuing off of the last mistake we mentioned, you shouldn’t be shaving without applying any product to your skin beforehand. For some reason the bikini line is an area of the body that many women tend to dry shave, meaning they skip applying product altogether. The problem with this is your skin can become irritated and problems arise when you don’t apply anything. Do yourself a favor and apply shaving cream before shaving.

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