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Skincare for Girls with Bangs

Woman with bangs

Bangs have been quite a comeback this season, and while you may love the look of bangs you may also be wondering why your skin seems different when you have them.  We did a little searching and discovered some of the ways that bangs could be causing breakouts to happen.  It’s not typically something you think about when you go in for a haircut, but definitely worth considering!   We’re sharing our must-know skincare tips for girls with bangs so you’re able to enjoy your bangs without any skin problems arising.

Give Your Skin a Break
The thing is our skin AND hair has oil, which is where some of the rise in breakouts can occur when you have bangs.  Since we know that both of these features have oil, it’s suggested by experts that you give your forehead a break when possible (especially at night).  You can do this by simply pulling your bangs back and off your forehead.  It lets your forehead kind of breathe, and not be under hair/bangs that could be adding additional oil to it.  That’s not to say you can never wear your bangs down, just tuck them back when you can.

Avoid Touching!
So many of us are guilty of touching our face more than we should (even though we’ve heard thousands of times to STOP), if you’re anything like us you’re also a little guilty of touching and playing with your hair a lot throughout the day.   When you have bangs, touching and playing with your bangs too much can add even MORE oil to both your skin and hair/bangs.  So…it’s really time to hold back from continuously touching your bangs.  This is especially important when you’re dealing with a lot of breakouts.

Pay Attention to Your Haircare Products
Since your bangs are over your forehead and skin, whatever you’re using in your hair will make its way to your forehead in one way or another.  This goes for shampoo, conditioner, and any other styling products that you’re using on your hair and bangs.  That being said, if you find you’re doing all the other above tips and still struggling with breakouts as a result from your bangs it could be worth trying to switch your haircare products or looking into the ingredients that may be causing your breakouts.  Some experts have also suggested that when you’re applying other products like hairspray or styling mousse to apply them first to a comb and running the comb through your bangs to get the product onto the hair without spritzing all over your forehead.

Naturally, in addition to all of these tips you’re going to want to be sure you’re still going about your typical skincare routine.  We don’t often think of how our haircut could be affecting our skin, so if you have bangs or you’re considering getting them make sure you apply some (or all) of these tips to try to avoid your skin being negatively affected.

What have you found is helpful with skincare in relation to having bangs?

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