Skin Care March 13, 2017

Skin Care Tips from Top Facialists

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Ever wish you could get the inside scoop on skin care tips from top facialists? Doesn’t it always seem like facialists have all the secrets that no one else really knows about? Well, as it turns out, they do have quite a bit of information that we don’t know as the average skin care users. But that doesn’t mean they’re stingy in the information that they share with the rest of us! We did a bit of searching and found quite a few skin care tips from top facialists themselves, you already know we’re sharing what we found!

Start Anti-Aging Care 
So often we tend to think that we only need to use anti-aging skin care products and techniques when we begin to see signs of aging developing. But according to many top facialists, you should start using anti-aging products and techniques for your skin as early as your early 20’s. Why so early? Many suggest that starting in your early 20’s will help give you preventative care for your skin, so there will essentially be less recovery to do as you get older.

Apply Your Products in Order
Think that applying the products is important? Well, the order in which you apply those skin care products is just as important as actually applying them. All of the top facialists recommend applying your skin care products from the thinnest to thickest in consistency. Applying your products in this order is said to help your skin to better absorb the products and really make sure that you’re getting the best benefit and results from the products that you’re applying. So while getting them onto your face is part of it, you may not be getting all the benefits and results you could from your products if you’re not applying them in the right order.

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Be Careful of Over-Cleansing and Over-Exfoliating
Exfoliating and cleansing the skin is super important, but many of the top facialists’ tips we came across suggest that they notice many people tend to overdo it with both skin care steps. While you should do both regularly, using products that are too harsh and using a technique that’s too rough on the skin can cause damage that can leave your skin feeling and looking less than amazing. Many of them stress the importance of making sure that you take your time with your cleansing and exfoliating processes and make sure that you’re not being too rough on your skin throughout the processes.

Don’t Use Too Many Products
While there are a lot of amazing skin care products on the market, another common theme we noticed among the tips that we’ve read some top facialists have shared is that you don’t need to use a ton of different skin care products. We know it may seem like more is more, but many suggest that if you’re using a few key products that work with your skin type you don’t need to overdo it.

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