Skin Care May 13, 2015

Skin Care Tips from the 40’s

Women in the 1940’s were pretty adamant about taking care of their skin. It seems, when we look at pictures of the days of old, that nearly all women had flawless skin and perfect complexions. One must wonder how they were able to obtain such flawless skin every day. Today, Lionesse brings you some skin care tips women followed during the 1940’s, and how they were able to manage keeping beautiful skin nearly all of the time.

Woman applying cold cream on her face during winter.

Cold Cream
Cold Cream was applied to the skin both to remove cosmetics, and to moisturize the skin. It was sort of a go-to product for everything, and worked very well for women of all skin types. Every woman had their own bottle of cold cream and used it daily to freshen up their skin, add moisture, and keep control of their skin. Since most women didn’t wear many cosmetic products in those days, there wasn’t much in terms of makeup removal – and this of course was a good thing for their overall skin health anyway. Cold cream is still marketed worldwide, and many women still continue to use it this very day.

Woman applying ice on her face.

Ice Cubes
Ice cubes were used to get soft, smooth skin. Women would take ice cubes and rub them around the eye and mouth area every evening before bed to give their skin a boost, and they would wake up with soft, smooth feeling skin every morning.

Spa ingredients.

Real Beauty Sponges
Real beauty sponges consisted of putting together a mixture of sorts to run under the bath water to get beautiful, soft skin. The beauty sponge was put together by mixing one cup of oatmeal, one table spoon of almond meal, and one tablespoon of baking soda. Put these ingredients together into a cheesecloth and wrap it up nicely, securing with an elastic band or using your hand to keep it closed. Rinse the cheesecloth mixture in the bath tub and scrub/wash the body with it, leaving behind soft, smooth skin.

Woman stretching in a park.

Stretching Exercises
Many women during the 40’s participated in stretching exercises, which they believed to be good for the overall body, circulation, and the skin. It didn’t matter what type of stretching exercise was completed, as long as it was completed daily.

Woman enjoying a beauty facial at a spa.

Beauty Mask
Beauty masks were created from house hold ingredients in which most house wives would already have in the home. One such mask was created from buttermilk (1/2 Cup) and cornmeal – enough to make a thick paste from. From there, the mask was spread across the face and neck with the fingertips, and would be worked in well to the skin. This would perform exfoliation, moisturize the skin, brighten the skin, and provide a bright glow. Other beauty masks were popular during this time as well.

Lionesse loves to resurrect old beauty secrets and bring them to the light. These secrets may still be as effective as they were in times past. The only way to know is to try them for yourself! We will be bringing you more beauty and style secrets from the 1940’s era this week, so stay tuned!

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