Skin Care July 27, 2015

Skin Care Tips for Leo’s

Many people aren’t really aware of their own particular needs based on their astrological sign. Some people never think to research the topic, while others simply don’t believe. No matter what your thoughts are on astrology, you might be surprised to find that each individual astrological sign has particular skin care needs. Today, Lionesse is going to be focusing on the Leo sign, and give you some helpful tips to help you along your journey through life – so that you can have the absolute best skin possible.

Leo’s are prone to having dry to very dry skin due to the fact that they are a fire sign. Fire signs are generally always hot, and the heat from within the bodies are what causes the excessive dryness. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can best care for your skin, Leo.

Woman applying a moisturizer cream on her skin.

Moisturize Daily
By moisturizing your skin on a daily basis, you can ensure your canvas will never feel parched or dry. Dosing your face with moisture is essential when you wake up in the morning and cleanse, and so it is also important at night time after removing your makeup and cleansing your skin again. Opt for products specifically made for dry skin, and you can’t go wrong. When it comes to the remainder of your body, always hydrate your skin by moisturizing your body with a good body lotion. The non-scented lotions seem to work best for penetrating the skin the deepest, and so you should always opt for a non-scented brand of high quality. A great tip which dermatologists recommend for exceptionally dry skin is to use coconut oil (virgin oil, organic when possible) on the skin as a moisturizer that won’t leave the skin feeling greasy or thirsty in any way.

Woman drinking water

Hydrating your body from within is one of the best things you can do for dry skin, and to keep it away for good. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day, more if you are able, and be sure to avoid caffeine as much as possible as caffeine is known to dehydrate the body. You should also avoid eating excess salt, as this can also dehydrate the body and retain water, causing bloat.

Woman using an exfoliating soap while bathing.

Exfoliating your skin is important Leo, not only because you have a tendency to have dry skin that requires removal more often than other signs, but also because you are always going to be the center of attention. Don’t you want to put your best face forward? Be sure to exfoliate your face once per week, twice if absolutely necessary, by use of a facial peel, facial mask, facial polish or some other form of exfoliation. Avoid abrasive scrubs and tools, as these can damage the delicate facial skin. Be sure to also exfoliate your body all over once or twice a week with a body scrub or pumice stone to remove the dead skin, and allow for fresh new skin to make an appearance.

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