Skin Care June 22, 2015

Skin Care Tips for Cancer Girls

Cancer girls are known for their moody, yet oftentimes sweet, personalities. They are considered to be the nurturer of the zodiac chart, and are always in the mood for some good conversation. They are naturally pretty, and look fantastic with a natural makeup look. When it comes to the skin care that should be followed by a Cancer sign, there’s more than meets the eye. Lionesse takes a look at some of the best skin care tips and advice that we can offer to all of the Cancer girls out there, helping you to bridge the gap between what to do and not to do. Also, this will detail specific areas you should focus on to prevent and promote skin health.

Woman holding a tea bag

Water Retention
By nature, Cancer signs generally retain more fluid in their face and body than do other signs. To avoid this, stay away from excess salt as this will cause your skin to retain more moisture. Staying away from processed foods, which are also laden with salt in many forms, is also a safe bet. When it comes to alleviating already swelled up areas of your face, such as puffiness under the eye area or near the eyebrow area, try relaxing with damp, cool tea bags resting over the affected area of your eyes for 10 minutes. This is beneficial because the caffeine within the tea bags, although minimal, is enough to alleviate any facial swelling, while the wonderful antioxidants tea leaves possess will help to brighten your skin tone.

Woman with sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin
Cancer women generally have more sensitive skin than others within the zodiac. That’s why it’s important to opt for skin care products which are meant for those with sensitive skin. This goes for cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and even exfoliating products. You will want to take extra special care of your skin, and be very delicate when cleansing your face.

Woman getting a facial massage.

Facial Massage
Giving yourself a facial massage to rejuvenate the skin, alleviate swelling and water retention, and promote skin cell turnover is a good idea for you, Cancer. Though you should be gentle with your skin, applying a small bit of pressure as you give yourself a small circled facial massage is just what the doctor ordered in terms of helping your skin stay youthful, glowing, and beautiful.

Woman removing makeup from her face.

Makeup Removal
Removing your makeup nightly or even after you get home from work is so important for you, Cancer. Everyone knows Cancer girls have those gorgeous, amazing cheekbones and perfect eyes that love to be played up with cosmetic products – but when it comes to removing the products, it’s important that you do. As mentioned earlier, Cancer signs are generally prone to sensitive skin, and therefore, they will benefit greatly from the removal of makeup products daily. Otherwise, you are exposing your pores to the products settling, clogging, and causing acne breakouts. After makeup removal, whether you use wipes or liquid remover, be sure to give yourself a double cleanse with a sensitive skin facial cleanser to ensure all of the products have been removed and to provide yourself with clear, blemish free skin.

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