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Skin Care Practices of the 1920’s

The 20’s was a time where women were becoming more and more in tune with beauty, looking their best, and taking care of themselves and their skin. They wanted to impress their friends, their husband’s, and their families by looking pristine and beautiful at all times. As more and more women began to catch on to the beauty routines and skin care routines practiced by other women, a trend was born. Women realized the importance of proper skin care, and in today’s post, Lionesse would like to take a look at the typical skin care practices of the 1920’s, and how most women took control of their skin routine.

Woman eating a salad.

Eating Well
An article was written by actress Suzanne Sheldon in February of 1920 that stated the first order to having beautiful skin was to eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet, and to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. In fact, these theories still exist today. The only difference is that doctors now recommend everyone drinks an average of 8-10 glasses of water per day for optimum organ function and overall health. Eating well was something many women of the era began to do, and they began taking care of themselves on the inside to allow it to show on the outside.

Woman using a foamy cleanser to cleanse her face.

Nightly Facial Scrubbings
Women during this era would spend some time in front of the mirror, as we all do today, to cleanse the face. The only difference is, during this time, women were encouraged to use a regular body soap, which we all know now can be very drying to the face – and the scrubbing process is, of course, a huge no-no – and use hot water and a washcloth to scrub away, revealing what they believed was perfectly clean, radiant skin.

Vintage eye cup

Eye Cleansing
Every morning, women would complete an eye cleanse which would consist of one cup of hot water, ½ teaspoon of boric acid (yikes!) and three drops of camphor. The eyes were then cleansed using eye cups, which were available at pharmacies nationwide. The idea behind this was that it gave the eyes a brighter, more sparkly appearance, and would in turn provide a more beautiful appearance overall.

Woman applying cold cream.

Cold Cream
Before bed every evening, women would apply a cold cream to the lips to give them luster, hydration, and also to ward off chapping or chafing of any kind. Cold cream was also utilized by women everywhere to remove makeup products, and to cleanse the face.

Woman applying cream on her face.

Vanishing Cream
Vanishing cream was an exceptionally popular product during the 20’s, and was innovative for it’s time. Women would use it before applying their face powder to remove shine from the skin, and it was formulated with far less oil than cold cream was. Many women who had oily, shiny skin would opt for this product over cold creams, or use them in conjunction with one another, rotating them throughout the day. It was said that vanishing cream was used before the application of powder because it would allow the powder to cling to the skin better. In today’s world, it could be likened to a foundation primer.

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