Skin Care February 23, 2017

Skin Care for the Working Woman

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Are you a working woman?  We know that working women are constantly on the go, between working (obviously) and taking care of everything else in your life you likely don’t have a whole lot of time for yourself.  That being said, we realize that you want to take care of your skin to keep it looking great, youthful and glowing but you also want to make sure that the steps you’re taking in your skin care routine are going to really help get you there.  When you don’t have a ton of time to spend on your skin care routine, you want to know that the steps you are taking are actually going to be beneficial.  We’re talking about skin care for the working woman to help ensure that the working women are getting the best skin care routine possible.

Give Your Skin a Break
As a working woman, you likely apply makeup on a pretty consistent basis.  While we’re all about embracing and having fun with makeup in your daily life, there’s also a lot of power in giving your skin a break – especially when you wear makeup pretty consistently.  All of us need to give our skin a chance to breathe and be free of products every once in a while.  To really make sure that your skin gets that opportunity to breathe, and stay healthy – it’s super important for working women to make it a point to go makeup free every once in a while.  If possible, one day a week makeup free is great to give you skin that break so you can continue to enjoy wearing makeup and keep your skin healthy.

Make Water a Priority
Ok, so this is important for everyone but we realize that working women are constantly on the go and it can be easy to lean on beverages like coffee to keep you energized and going.  We’re not telling you that you can’t enjoy your favorite beverages, but it is important to make sure that you’re also drinking enough water.  Since you’re likely under some level of stress (probably quite a bit of stress, if we’re honest), your skin can take a bit of a toll – so it’s essential that you make drinking water a part of your daily routine.  Make it a habit of carrying a large water bottle with you everywhere you go and get refills as often as possible.  Water helps to keep your skin hydrated, youthful, glowing and also helps to flush out a lot of toxins from your body.

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Get More Sleep
We know that getting more sleep is something a lot of us would ‘like’ to do, but don’t really make it a priority like we should.  Working women deal with quite a bit of stress, and when we pair stress with lack of enough sleep our skin tends to really take beating.  It’s time to make sleep a major priority, our skin works to repair itself while we sleep – helping us to fight aging, dullness, and other skin care struggles.

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