Skin Care April 22, 2015

Skin Care for the Taurus Girl

Taurus women are all about their skin and looking their absolute best. Clean, fresh skin is a must for them – and it’s no wonder, because they are usually those women who have flawless, gorgeous skin throughout their lives, and age very well. When it comes to the Taurus woman caring for her skin, the products she uses will almost always be high end, due to the fact that she is ready and willing to spend whatever it takes on taking good care of her skin. Lionesse has some tips on skin care for the Taurus woman that we’d like to share with you today, to help you keep one of your best assets looking the best that it possibly can.

Woman using a cleanser to wash her face during a bath.

Double Cleansing – Twice Per Day
Though you may be thinking your once a day cleansing routine is working, chances are, it could be a whole lot better. Opt for a cleanser that has brightening properties as Taurus women look fabulous with bright, clean, fresh skin. When it comes to cleansing, you should cleanse twice per day and do a double cleanse each time. The first cleanse should be light and will remove impurities accumulated overnight from sleeping, such as dust, dirt, dead skin, debris, and oil. The second cleanse will go deeper into the pores to provide a deeper clean and leave the skin looking bright, fresh, and renewed. You can use your fingertips or a cleansing dermatology brush to complete your cleanse. Complete a double cleanse in the morning, and especially at night time to remove cosmetics from the day and allow your skin to breathe overnight, and provide healthy skin for morning.

Woman applying moisturizing cream on her body.

Moisturize Day and Night
In the morning, after cleansing, be sure to use a good quality high end moisturizing cream for day time that has SPF properties contained within the product to protect the skin from harmful sunrays, and provide the skin with moisture for the day. The moisturizer will also act as a barrier between your skin and the elements you are facing throughout the day such as pollution. When night time rolls around, after cleansing, use a night cream that will work to infuse the skin with moisture, and provide a fresh appearance when you wake in the morning.

Use a Peeling Mask
Use a gentle facial peeling mask once per week or a face polish to exfoliate the skin, bringing fresh, new skin to the surface and removing all of the built up dead skin and impurities from the skin. Opt for a peeling mask or polish that contains Vitamin C for brightening.

Beautiful woman looking at herself in the mirror.

Use Minimal Makeup
As we previously mentioned, Lionesse believes the Taurus woman looks her best with minimal cosmetic application. If you are one of the fearless Taurus women who isn’t afraid to go au natural, this works in your favor this season. If you aren’t able to muster the courage to walk out the front door without some sort of cosmetic product on your face, though, you can keep it simple, minimal, and sheer as much as possible and that will provide you with the perfect look for your astrology sign. Opt for a sheer foundation that illuminates the skin, or a mineral powder foundation that lightly dusts on for minimal coverage. Opt for a lip gloss rather than a lip color, or perhaps a new tinted lip oil for sheer color. When it comes to eye shadows and pigments, choose earthy colors that look natural and toned down.

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