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Six Skin Care Tips To Live By This Summer

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Ready for the summer season? Aren’t we all! It’s such an exciting time of year, where we’re able to enjoy the outdoors and take part in so many of the fun activities the summer season has to offer. Of course, with the start of the summer weather comes a whole new season’s weather to consider for your skin care. It can be overwhelming to really know what tips to take seriously, and not. We came up with six skin care tips to live by this summer to keep your skin healthy without feeling overwhelmed.

Always Cleanse
Since the summer tends to bring us outdoors more often, our skin is exposed to different environmental elements. Plus, we tend to sweat more during the summer season. Both of these factors play into the importance of cleansing your skin every day, twice a day, to keep your skin healthy throughout the summer season. Even if you’ve had a long day at the pool, before you head to bed make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly.

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Remember Your Lips
So often when we think of our skin, we tend to forget that our lips are skin and they need TLC too! Lips tend to get dry and cracked from the sun during the summer season. Make sure you’re making it a point to keep your lips well moisturized and protected from the sun during the summer. Bonus points if you exfoliate your lips regularly, too!

Lighten Up Your Moisturizer
It’s no secret the summer season is filled with warmer weather, which means the moisturizer you used throughout the dry winter months isn’t going to cut it for your skin during the summer. The weather has a pretty big impact on your skin and how it handles products. That being said, you’ll want to switch up your moisturizer to something that’s much lighter weight to adjust to the weather and skin changes.

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Never Leave Without SPF
You’ve heard it before, but we’ve got to stress it now. The summer brings the sun, the intense sun, and you need to be sure you’re keeping your skin well protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Make it a point to be sure you’re not leaving your house without applying SPF to all the skin that’s exposed.

Exfoliate Weekly
Exfoliating your skin is important regardless of the season, but the summer season it’s crucial to make sure you’re consistently exfoliating your skin. Experts suggest 1-2 times per week is best for exfoliating your skin. Why is it so important? Exfoliating helps to get a deeper clean on your pores than your daily cleansing and helps to eliminate any dead skin cells and hard to reach oil that may be on the top layer of skin.

Stay Hydrated
As we’re outdoors more this time of year, we tend to get dehydrated much more frequently and don’t drink as much water as we really need. Keep in mind that when you’re outside you need more water than when you’re inside all day. Staying hydrated keeps you healthy, and your skin healthy as well!

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