Skin Care July 8, 2015

Simple Skin Care Routine for Your Teen

By this point in your child’s life, she should have developed a simple skin care routine that helps her to keep her face free and clear of dirt, oil, and debris. Around the time of puberty and beyond, this type of daily skin care regimen is exceptionally important to avoid acne. In some instances, however, genetics play a huge role in the outcome of your child’s skin type, and some people are just oily and prone to acne. There really isn’t much that can be done about genetics – but there are things your teen can do to combat the effects of her genetics. Today, Lionesse brings you a simple skin care routine for your teen to follow to help her have clean, clear skin that looks as beautiful as she naturally is – minus the oily skin, clogged pores, and acne.

Teen cleansing her face

Cleansing Twice Per Day
Cleansing the face twice per day during the teenage years is super important – in fact, it’s one of the most important things your teen can do to protect her skin from acne and oily skin, and to keep her complexion clear and beautiful. Using a gentle cleanser twice per day that is formulated for all skin types or her particular skin type (oily, dry, sensitive, etc) will ensure her pores stay free of debris and from being clogged up by makeup products and dirt from playing sports. She should cleanse her face once in the morning, and once at night. If she wants to take it one step further, she could do a double cleanse – that is cleansing once, and then cleansing a second time to ensure all dirt, oil, and makeup products have been removed.

Teenage girl applying moisturizer

Moisturizing the Skin In the Morning
After cleansing her skin in the morning, she should also use a moisturizer to ensure her skin stays hydrated, doesn’t become dried out or irritated, and also, offers a level of protection against the absorption of pollutants in the air in which she is exposed to on a daily basis even to and from her commute to school. There are skin type specific moisturizers available, so be sure to get one for her that suits her particular needs. You could also opt for a tinted moisturizer, which offers a bit of color as would a foundation product, minus the desire or need for wearing foundation – which every mom can be happy about! Many moisturizers come pre-mixed with SPF properties, however, if the product you opt for does not have a sunblock incorporated, this next step is exceptionally important.

Teenage girl applying sunscreen in a beach.

SPF Protection
Sunblock protection for your daughter or even teen son’s face is so important, especially if her moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF properties. This product will protect harmful UV rays from damaging her skin, and expose her to pre-mature aging and sunburn. Believe it or not, just a simple car ride to school does in fact expose her to UV rays – and she isn’t protected unless she is wearing an SPF based product. This should be applied to the face and neck every morning after moisturizing cream has been applied and absorbed.

Teen applying a facial mask

Facial Masks
To ward off blackheads, oily skin, and to remove dry skin by means of exfoliation, a facial mask once per week is a fun way to allow her to relax, take the stress away from exams and schoolwork, and clean out her pores. Facial masks are available for all types of skin, and come in different forms, from mud masks, to fruit based masks, facial peels, and cream masks. You could even make your own with various ingredients found in your kitchen – there are many recipes available on the internet for just this.

Young woman removing excess oil from her skin

Oil Blotting Sheets
To tackle those mid-day oil attacks, give her some oil blotting sheets to keep in her purse to dab onto her T-Zone to remove shine and oil buildup. These sheets come in so handy when no other products are being used aside from her skin care routine products, so be sure to keep some in the car, give her some for her purse, and keep some at home.

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