Skin Care July 29, 2017

Signs And Solutions For Stressed Skin

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Is your skin stressed? Ok, we know YOU may be stressed-because really, who isn’t these days. But we’re talking about your skin. Before you question it, yes, your skin can be stressed. Our skin is put through quite a bit on a daily basis. Between the climate changes and the pollutants we’re exposed to on a daily basis, those are just a few things that can put stress on our skin. But how do you KNOW if your skin is stressed, and what can you even do about it? Your skin can’t meditate and become relaxed like you can for your state-of-mind. But we have gathered up some of the common signs and solutions for stressed skin to get you started.

It’s Become Very Dry
This doesn’t apply to you if your skin type is dry, but if you’re generally not someone who experiences dryness in your skin, but have started to it’s a sign your skin could be stressed. Stress in general can cause our skin to change, and begin to struggle to actually hold onto moisture. Between the actual stress of life, and the different elements we’re exposed to dryness is a common indication you need to make some changes. Some solutions for dryness in your skin is to make some adjustments to your skin care routine. Opting for products that are a bit more moisturizing can be incredible here. In addition to changing your skin care products, it’s time to take note of the temperature you’re using when taking a shower and washing your face. Using water that’s too hot isn’t going to do you any favors, turn the temperature down.

You’re Noticing Fine Lines
Aging and showing signs of aging is normal to an extent, but it’s also a rather common sign of stress in the skin. Just like the dryness, between everything our skin is put through on a daily basis our skin can become  TOO stressed and begin showing fine lines around different areas of our face. Our favorite solution for this stressed skin sign is to add an antioxidant infused serum into your skin care routine. Antioxidants are incredible for the skin, especially skin that’s stressed, because they help to soothe the skin, repair it and even help provide more protection to the skin’s surface.

You Keep Experiencing Breakouts
Acne breakouts are common, but they’re also a sign that your skin is stressed. The real cause of acne can differ from person to person, but if you’ve noticed a lot of acne breakouts lately without any real reason it could be due to stress. The best solution for this skin stressed sign is to make some adjustments to your skin care routine (notice a theme?). For acne, it’s all about using products that are formulated to work with acne prone skin-primarily including salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide as active ingredients. In addition, take note of your cosmetic products to ensure that they’re all non-comedogenic to avoid any problems from your makeup.

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