Skin Care June 24, 2017

Seasonal Switch Ups You Need For Summer

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Summer is HERE! You’ve probably already rotated items in your closet to accommodate the changing weather, but what about your beauty routine? As the seasons change, your clothes aren’t the only thing that need to be rotated. Just as you have different wardrobe needs according to the weather, your skin and beauty routine need to accommodate the climate changes as well. If you’re not sure what you should be adjusting in your beauty routine there’s no need to fear-we have you covered! We’re dishing on the seasonal switch ups you need for summer to keep your beauty routine on point all summer long.

Exfoliate more
Exfoliating your skin should be done year round, but as we make our way to the hot, humid months of summer you’re going to want to start exfoliating more often. Most of us begin to experience more oil production during the summer, and we’re all outside more (being exposed to a lot of different elements that can put stress on our skin) so exfoliating more often can help to keep your skin and pores cleaner and avoid any additional breakouts from resulting. This doesn’t mean you should exfoliate daily, in fact you shouldn’t exfoliate daily. But stepping up your exfoliating habits to 2-3 times a week is going to maintain your skin’s health and keep those pores really clean throughout the warm months.

Swap your moisturizer
During the winter months, our skin tends to need a little extra moisture so using a thicker moisturizer is necessary. However, now that we’re in the summer our skin doesn’t need a moisturizer that’s quite as heavy in consistency. Instead of using your winter moisturizer, switch it up for something that’s lighter weight. This will help keep your skin moisturized, as it needs, but not feeling heavy from a moisturizer that’s too heavy for your skin this time of year.

Adjust your foundation
Similar to the moisturizer, your foundation and face makeup products are going to need a little swapping this time of year. If you were using a foundation that was a heavy coverage, it’s time to make an adjustment. Using a tinted moisturizer or something similar is going to give you a little coverage without having to deal with that melting face feeling that’s so common this time of year. To put it simply, as it’s hot and humid you don’t want to wear layers and layers of makeup because it’s just going to feel heavy.

Add more SPF
We can’t forget to mention adding in some additional SPF to your beauty routine. You should be applying SPF to your skin all year round, but now that it’s summer you’re likely spending a lot more time outdoors and your skin needs to be accommodated to that properly. Get into the habit of applying SPF throughout the day, and find ways to add additional SPF to your beauty routine. Using makeup products that have SPF built in is a great way to get some  additional protection.

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