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Safety Tips For Body Piercing

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Whether you’re thinking about getting your ears pierced, your bellybutton or another body part getting a body piercing isn’t something to take lightly. While it’s a common practice  and something that’s been done for many years, there can be complications when getting a body piercing. We’re all about enjoying your life and getting body piercings when you see fit for yourself, but because there are risks involved we want you to be aware of some safety tips. Staying true to safety tips for body piercings can help you to avoid infections and even help to speed up the healing process of your piercings. If you’re planning to get a body piercing soon, keep reading to ensure that you’re prepared on the safety tips to consider.

Go to a Professional
While it’s not uncommon to hear about friends piercing body parts for one another, that’s often where complications can arise. Instead of enlisting the help of a friend, do yourself a favor and go to an expert in the field. Professionals in piercings will provide a sterile environment and be able to provide a piercing experience that’s going to maintain your health and safety throughout the process. When choosing a professional, don’t be afraid to ask questions and do some research. While going to an expert is important, just like any other professionals in other fields they’re not all equal in their experience and care for their craft. Do your homework so you can feel confident in knowing that you’re going to be in good hands with your piercing experience.

Consider the Jewelry You Choose
Think you can just use any jewelry you find easily for your new body piercing? Ok, you could do that but if you want to truly maintain your safety and prevent any issues from arising you’re not going to do that. Using quality jewelry when you get your piercing can help minimize irritation, infection and any other complication. Because getting a piercing is causing an open wound (in a sense) to a part of your body, using jewelry made of high quality materials is the best choice.

Maintain Cleanliness
We know that you don’t need to be told to stay clean, but maintaining extreme cleanliness on your new body piercing is absolutely necessary to maintaining your safety. Often times it’s the cleanliness (or lack of) that can make or break your body piercing experience. Keeping your new body piercing clean with suggested products from your professional is going to keep the area free of infection and any other irritation. In addition to keeping the area clean, keep the area as dry as possible. This isn’t to say you can’t shower or anything, but take extra time to pat dry the body piercing area so moisture doesn’t hang out too long in the open area. Water, sweat and other moistures can cause infections and irritation to become pronounced on body piercings when they’re not kept dry enough.

Overall, just because body piercings are common don’t treat it like it’s not serious. Otherwise-enjoy!

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