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Risks of Using Low Quality Razors

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Most of us want to make our shaving process as easy, hassle-free, and quick as possible.  And if we’re really honest we’d like to spend as little money as possible to get it accomplished.  We want the smooth look, but it’s not always the easiest thing to achieve.  While it’s easy to buy whatever razors are on sale and not really think twice about what kind of razor you’re purchasing or using, let alone whether it’s high or low quality.  Unfortunately, there are some risks associated with using a low-quality razor.  We’re going to share some of the most common risks to get you informed!

Can Cause Razor Bumps 
One of the biggest downsides and risks to using a low-quality razor is it can lead to razor bumps much more easily.  The reason being is low-quality razors tends to dull quicker, without realizing it you could be using a dull razor on your skin and be left with irritation on your skin that can turn into razor bumps.  This is especially important to consider when you’re using your razor for delicate areas like bikini line and underarms since those areas are already delicate and sensitive they can be irritated easily by a low-quality razor and cause you to develop razor bumps.

Can Lead to Razor Burn
In addition to being at risk for razor bumps, using a low-quality razor has also been found to cause razor burn.  The difference is razor bumps are, well, bumps.  While a razor burn is typically when a couple of the top layers of skin are actually burned or removed leaving the skin looking and feeling like a burn.  While removing dead skin cells and exfoliating your skin is really important to your skin’s health and appearance, achieving this with a burn is not the way to go about that.  Often times razor burns will be really uncomfortable and may even itch, leaving the infected area incredibly uncomfortable.

Other Irritations
All in all using a low-quality razor that dulls quickly can really lead to a lot of skin irritations.  Whether it’s a burn, bumps or something else they’re ultimately causing a lot of irritation to your skin.  Because the lower quality razors dull much quicker than higher quality, you’re at a higher risk for developing a skin irritation from the razor.  Often times because we’re in such a hurry when doing things like shaving we don’t pay enough attention to whether or not our razors are actually dull.  Another reason why low-quality razors can be a big  risk for you, especially if you’re notorious for being in a big hurry and not paying quite enough attention to your razor dulling.

Basically, the low-quality razors are giving you the risk of a lot of skin irritations that can be incredibly uncomfortable to your skin.  A lot of it stems from your razor getting duller quicker with the lower quality product.

What do you think of low quality vs high quality when it comes to razors?

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