Skin Care October 11, 2016

Repairing Summer Sun Damage

Now that summer is officially over (we know, we’re sad about it too) it’s time to focus on repairing your skin from any summer sun damage you may have been exposed to.  Even if you do your best to keep your skin protected from the sun, it can sneak through sometimes.  However, it’s important to repair your skin as soon as you can after the damage has been done so you don’t have to deal with the problems later on in your life.  Sun damage is known to be the leading cause of wrinkles and aging signs to pop up in our skin – since we know you want to avoid that keep reading as we share tips for repairing summer sun damage.

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Skincare experts are always talking about exfoliating, with good reason!  Exfoliating your skin is a really incredible way to eliminate build up and dead skin cells.  When you’ve been exposed to sun damage, exfoliating can play a major part in helping you get a fresh start with your skin.  When you remove dead skin cells it’s been found that it can help to accelerate the cell production in your skin…meaning it can help accelerate the repairing process for your skin.  If you’ve been exfoliating your skin, you may want to think about finding a new exfoliating product to really get your skin on track and help with a fresh start.  If you haven’t been exfoliating…now is the time to start!

Give Your Skin Key Nutrients
As you’ve been exposed to sun damage, your skin is going to really need some major repairing and nourishment.  It’s likely that your skin got a little dry and was exposed to a lot of free radicals throughout the summer months.  To get your skin back in check and repaired, experts suggest incorporating creams and serums that are loaded with key nutrients that help with the repairing process.  This means looking for skin care products that have vitamin C, E, green tea, to name a few.  Look for products that are made to really give your skin a boost of antioxidants.  They will really help to repair your skin in a powerful way, as well as help to lock in moisture again.

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Make An Appointment
Even if you’re really great with your at-home skincare routine and using great products, this is a great time to schedule an appointment with your favorite skincare professional.  Getting a really great facial and/or peel can really give your skin that extra boost of repairing it needs.  The bonus to getting a facial from a professional is also the fact that they have access to professional strength products that can give you that deeper repairing.  Since we’re out of the summer months, transitioning to fall is the perfect time to start fresh with your skin.

Spot Treat
If you notice you have some little spots around your skin that are the result of sun damage, enlist the help of specific spot treatments to really improve and repair those areas of the skin.  Typically, these will be serums that are loaded with vitamin C to (likely) lighten and brighten those areas that have been damaged from the sun.

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