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Quick Fixes: Lemon & Honey

Lemon slices and a jar of honey

Quick Fixes: Lemon & Honey. Lemon and honey aren’t just great for making your favorite meals with, they’re also loaded with pretty powerful beauty hack abilities. Lately, many of us have started to look to natural remedies for our beauty needs because there’s been such a rediscovery of the incredible ingredients most of us have in our kitchens right now. Chances are you have lemon and honey somewhere in your home, and after you find out some of their ‘quick fix’ capabilities you’re probably going to start using them for a lot more than adding them to your tea.

Treat Split, Dry Ends of Your Hair
Split, dry ends of hair can be frustrating especially if you’re not quite ready to head back into the hair salon for a trim. Regardless of the reason you’ve developed split and dry ends, you’ll be surprised to find out that honey can be a quick fix to this hair dilemma. It’s suggested that adding honey mixed with a touch of olive oil to the ends of your hair before heading to bed will help to add some serious moisture and healing to the ends of your hair. Washing out the ingredients in the morning has been found to leave the hair much healthier and stronger as a result. Talk about a quick hair fix!

Acne and Blackheads
It always seems like acne and blackheads pop up at the most inconvenient times possible, doesn’t it? Well the next time you find yourself stressing about an acne breakout you may want to try applying a thin layer of honey and lemon juice mixture over the area before bed. Many have found that by applying a thin layer of honey (mixed with lemon juice) to the acne/blackhead area of the skin and washing off in the morning to be incredibly helpful and healing and eliminating the acne and blackhead areas in a really quick way.

Towel-wrapped woman checking her face in mirror

Minimize the Size of Pores
Ever feel like your pores look much larger than you would like? As it turns out honey and lemon juice combined isn’t just great for eliminating blackheads and acne breakouts, but also minimizing the actual appearance of your pores. Applying a combination of honey and lemon to the skin, primarily focusing on the areas you want to minimize the pore size of, before heading to bed and washing off in the morning will give you some results that you never would have imagined.

Lighten and Moisturize Your Lips
Lips can often become dry and darker in color than you would like. No matter how or why this has resulted for you, if you’ve been wanting to add some moisture to your lips and maybe even lighten up the color of them adding honey and lemon juice to your lips before heading to bed can help you achieve exactly that. Honey is incredibly moisturizing to the skin, so it will definitely be powerful in helping to give you smooth and luscious lips. The lemon juice will aid in the lightening aspect.

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