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Protecting Freckled Skin from Sunburn

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The spring and summer months are approaching quickly…can you wait?  We’re so excited for warmer weather and spending more time outdoors after the gloomy winter months.  Of course, with the increase in outdoor activities and sun being out more it also means that our skin is going to be exposed to the sun a lot more…meaning we need to make sure that we’re taking proper care of our skin.  If you’re a freckled skin individual, you may be more concerned about the sun than those without sun.  While everyone needs to be cautious with the sun, we wanted to make sure to share some tips for protecting freckled skin from sunburn since it tends to be a big concern as the warm weather approaches.

For starters…don’t leave the house without SPF.  This may seem obvious, but so many people still aren’t making sun protection a part of their daily routine.  Those with freckled skin tend to be more susceptible to sunburn, so it’s EXTRA important to make sure that you’re not leaving the house without applying some SPF.  Of course, applying SPF alone is important but you also want to make sure that you’re applying the right type of SPF.  Yes, there’s a type of SPF product that’s better than others.  Unfortunately, not all SPF products are created equally.  When you’re very fair and want to really protect your skin from getting sunburned you want to look for SPF products that protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.  This will keep your skin protected from both types of rays the sun projects.  Having SPF products to protect from both play a key role in helping to protect your skin from getting burned as well.  In addition, experts suggest that those with freckled skin look to use SPF products that are at least a 15 SPF – this will give you a good base of protection to prevent burns from occurring.  Of course, you can definitely apply an SPF product that’s higher than 15 – the 15 SPF should be the minimum.  Finally, when looking for SPF products that properly protect your skin, experts also suggest ensuring that the SPF products you use are water resistant – this will help keep you protected even as you sweat and if you plan to be in the water at all.

In addition to applying SPF products, it’s really important to keep your sun out of direct sunlight as much as possible.  This is especially true when the sun is at its peak hours – between 10am and 4pm.  The sun tends to be the hottest and strongest during those times, so wearing sunglasses, hats and covering your skin as much as possible is going to be essential to really helping you to avoid getting burned.

Of course protecting your skin from the sun may seem obvious, some experts also suggest that another way to really help those with freckled skin to keep their skin from getting burned is to keep your skin well moisturized.  When your skin is lacking moisture it tends to be more sensitive and can cause your skin to be even more sensitive to the sun.  So make sure that your skin ALL OVER is very well moisturized.

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