Skin Care August 12, 2016

Professional Advice For Glowing Skin

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Is there anything quite like glowing skin?  We couldn’t really think of much else that makes us feel like total glamor girls, or more confident.  Since our skin is the largest organ in our body it shows SO much about our health, how we take care of ourselves, and so much more.  And let’s face it, when our skin is glowing we feel a little more confident than when it is not.  Most of us idolize our favorite celebs for their (what seems like) effortlessly glowing skin.  So what’s the real deal with getting glowing skin?  We discovered some of the best professional advice for glowing skin and we’re sharing ALL the gorgeous deets with you now.

Consider Your Lifestyle
While there are countless beauty products at our access now more than ever before, our lifestyle habits truly play a huge role in our skin’s health and appearance.  Lifestyle habits like your sleeping patterns, diet, exercise and so on play major roles in how your skin actually looks.  Studies have found that sleep disorders are among the most common health problems in the United States today, meaning most Americans aren’t getting enough sleep.  Getting enough sleep is crucial to your skin’s health and appearance, because when we’re sleeping is when our skin is working to repair itself.  So when you don’t get enough sleep your skin doesn’t get that chance.  In addition, not drinking enough water or drinking too much alcohol or caffeine can play major roles.  Not eating enough fruits, veggies and other healthy foods can also have an impact.  Experts have even found that not dealing with stress in a healthy way, or having too much stress in your life can affect how your skin looks.  They’ve found incorporating meditation and exercise to be really beneficial to this.  So take a look at your lifestyle habits and determine where you can make some adjustments to better your skin’s glow.

Be Strict with Your Skin Care
Of course in addition to having healthy lifestyle habits, being strict with your skin care and the skin care products you use is also a huge step according to experts.  It’s not about just purchasing the cheapest option you can find, it is your largest organ after all.  Use high-quality products that boost ingredients that are truly healthy for your skin.  In addition, be strict with yourself on maintaining a skin care routine that you can stick with and will truly be beneficial.  Don’t skip steps just because you’re feeling a little lazy that day.  This means cleansing, toning and moisturizing EVERYDAY (really, twice a day), and exfoliating 1-2 times per week.

Incorporating these habits and rituals are going to play major roles when it comes to having the glowing skin you desire.  Experts continue to suggest the same tips and advice over and over with all of these details.  It’s not necessarily about having a super complicated routine, but having a routine that you can actually stick to and is something that will truly benefit you and your skin.

What professional advice for glowing skin have you heard and applied?

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