Makeup July 10, 2015

Preteens and Makeup? When is it Too Young? When to Start?

Young girl applying lipstick

From an early age most little girls watch their mothers put on makeup with a little bit of awe and wonder in their eyes. They long to know when they are going to be able to grow up to put on all those magical colors, and lotions. Many little girls will swipe a bit of their mom’s lip gloss to put on in secret to get a feel for what that glorious color does to their lips. So if you are a mom to daughters who are growing up very fast at what age do you allow them to experiment with their own makeup? There isn’t any hard and fast rules as to what age is appropriate, and the pressure a young lady feels to wear makeup is probably going to hedge on what her peers are wearing to school. Many parents feel like it’s not going to be allowed before their daughter turns 13-years-old, but with kids growing up faster and faster these days, many are caving to allow their preteens to use a little pop of color cosmetics.

A preteen is defined as being 10-12 years old. Kids grow and develop at drastically different rates. Their personalities are widely different, so for one girl who is 11 and still playing with dolls, and another little girl is begging her mom for her own makeup kit. So it just depends on your child’s wants specifically, and what you feel comfortable allowing them to wear. If your preteen is just dying to wear makeup then there are three simple products that they can start with to make the transition to wearing makeup much easier for them.

Three Products for the Preteen Makeup Guru

Little girl applying mascara.

Clear Mascara
This is a great one to try, because they will love the feel of putting it on. It’s real makeup, but isn’t going to cake up their baby lashes with tons of black pigment. It will elongate, and define to give them a little lift, but it’s not super overdone.

Neutral Eye Shadow Col
Make sure the color is cream, or peach based with a little bit of light reflecting pigment to make them feel like they are wearing a bit of pretty color. Get a nice eye shadow brush to allow them to spread the shadow like a real artist all over their lids. A neutral shade isn’t super noticeable, but will let them feel like they are wearing real color.

Young girl applying lip gloss.

Lip Gloss
This is where you can allow them to have a little more choice to pick out their own color. Most lip glosses are super sheer to provide a hint of color with some lovely shine that they will enjoy. Make it a special occasion when you go to buy the lip gloss. A trip to your local upscale department store, or Sephora shop will allow them to indulge in looking around a bit for that perfect color. It’s a great mother-daughter bonding experience as well to shop for makeup together. Your sometimes sullen preteen will perk right up when you let her pick out the perfect gloss to wear whenever she wants to.

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