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Prepare Your At-Home Spa Oasis

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When you think about heading into the spa you probably think of an oasis atmosphere. Spas are known for their relaxing energy and décor that help to provide a full spa experience. They’re always great for that, but heading into the spa might not always be an option for you. Whether you don’t want to splurge on the typical spa experience, or spend the time we’ve found some ways to prepare your at-home spa oasis. Yes, this means you can create the same oasis atmosphere we all know and love in spas in the comfort of your own home. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Create Dim Lighting
If you’ve been to a spa, one thing you’ve probably noticed is the lighting really helps to create the mood. Harsh, bright lighting is all that relaxing so when preparing your at-home spa oasis we suggest starting with the lighting situation. If you have dimmers on your lights, setting  them to a lower setting is going to help create much more relaxing lighting for your at-home spa area. If you don’t have dimming lights, swapping the bulbs out for low wattage options can be an easy alternative. Additionally, make use of candles around the area you plan to create your at-home spa oasis to add to the relaxing vibe.

Add the Music
Relaxing, soothing music is another element that’s going to help you prepare your at-home spa oasis. Using your smart phone or Bluetooth speaker is the perfect way to carry your relaxing sounds around with you to set the mood. We love some of the apps that offer relaxing spa-like music to be playing throughout. If you can’t find an app you like with relaxing sounds, try an internet radio station with similar music. You know the type of music that’s the most soothing and relaxing to you, it’s just a matter of having the pieces together so you can have them handy as you create the oasis.

Don’t Forget the Aroma
Of course we can’t forget about the aroma! There’s nothing quite like relaxing scents to create a cohesive aroma in your at-home spa oasis. Lavender and chamomile are generally known to be some of the best relaxing aromas to have in this type of oasis setting. Using incents and essential oils are some of our personal favorite ways to add the scents into the air. While those are great ways to add the relaxing scents into the air of your at-home spa don’t forget to choose products to use throughout your experiences that also boost the same relaxing scents. This helps you to really get the full relaxing effect through your aroma.

Plan Your Treatments
We didn’t forget about the actual spa treatments! When creating an at-home spa oasis, the treatments are where you’re going to gain the fully relaxing experience. We suggest doing a bit of research to decide on a few spa treatments that are easy to DIY and sound the most appealing to you. Gathering all the necessary ingredients before your spa day is a definite must.

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