Skin Care April 16, 2016

Pre-Prom Skincare Breakout

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Ahhh, springtime, when you’re in high school the start of spring is also considered pre-prom season. Everyone’s thinking about their dresses, hair, dates, etc. Because of course…you want it all to be PERFECT. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a breakout the day of (or before) an event as exciting and important as prom. So considering a pre-prom skincare prep is a great idea to help you prevent breakouts as much as possible for your exciting day. Here are some top tips for preventing breakouts:

Drink a TON of Water
We know, we know, you hear this ALL the time. But the truth is most of us still aren’t drinking enough. So amp up your water intake leading up to prom, not only can it keep your skin clearer from breakouts it can also improve the overall appearance of your skin (hello, hydration!). In addition, it’s not a bad idea to try to cut back on the sugar and ‘junk’ food. Try to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can.

Stick to a Strict Skin Care Regimen
Getting into a daily skin care routine is crucial (not just for prom, either), as it helps you keep up with cleansing and moisturizing your skin regularly. A big key is when you’re drying your face after cleansing, don’t rub the towel on your face as it can be too harsh for your freshly cleansed skin. Instead, gently pat your skin dry. Overall, be gentle on your skin during your skin care routine.

Don’t Touch!
Many of us get in the habit of touching our face…it’s a bad habit. Keep your hands off your face! When we touch our face we’re often increasing the oil production and adding more oil to our skin, which in turn can also create inflammation. So basically…just stop touching your face.

Check Your Hair Care Products
Your hair care products may seem unrelated to your skin but how often throughout the day does your hair touch your skin? And think about when you shower, what you wash your hair with often goes over your skin. Often time hair care products have a lot of fragrances, which can cause breakouts when they’re exposed to your skin. If you feel you’ve been breaking out more often, you may want to consider fragrance-free options.

Be Choosy with Your Makeup
Leading up to a big event like prom, it’s not a bad idea to wear a bit less makeup to let your skin just ‘be.’ But if you are going to wear makeup check the ingredients to be sure they won’t clog your pores (generally you want to look for products that are non-comedogenic). Also, don’t forget that when you do wear makeup it’s SUPER important that you remove it. Remove it gently but be sure you’re getting it all off. Leaving makeup on overnight can cause breakouts.

Get (or Stay) Active
Exercise is good for soooo many things, the list of benefits is really endless. But it’s been found to help with your skin! This is because when we exercise is increases your blood flow, plus as you sweat you’re eliminating toxins and dirt from your body.

While it’s important to consider these breakout prevention tips all year long, it’s especially crucial that you up your game with these in the weeks leading up to prom. This way your skin won’t be a stresser on the day of prom!

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