Skin Care January 4, 2016

Post Holiday Skin Care Tips

Skin care tips

If your holiday season is on its way to wrapping up, if you are beginning to feel like you probably should have given yourself a little more attention over the past whirlwind of activities celebrating the holidays, you’re not alone. It is fairly common to wind up on the other end of the more intensely packed times of life only to discover that we’ve given ourselves the short end of the stick, with insufficient attention paid to our health and beauty routines. The neglect can start to show up, as a result, and rather than expending an ounce of remorse, just go ahead and do what’s needed to give back to yourself the attention that will undo the ill-effects. The most prominent area where everything you do (or fail to do,) shows up is on your face, and particularly your skin.

There’s Great Restorative Hope
Because the holiday season is somewhat brief, in terms of taking away time from your beauty regimen, you can easily get back to where you left off, before all the swarm of extras hit, full-on. And even for those who have aimlessly floated from one trend to another with no real purpose or formula in place, there’s no time like now to implement a routine that will work for you. The place to begin is with the time-proven effective methods of universal skin nourishment, and regardless of where you are now–speaking of your skin’s particular state of health, there are some incredible methods whereby you can pour the years back into your appearance–through a healthy glow for your skin.

  • Stop Sun’s Damaging Effects Now: Regardless of what you’ve done or not done in the past, resolve right now to include sunscreen in your morning ritual, every day, rain or shine–indoors or out.
  • Morning Routine, Short on Time? With the time requirement of applying all the necessities of sunscreen, moisturizer, primer and foundation, it’s easy to understand why certain components get left out. The great news is that there are some amazing new products that are all-in-one, so you can finally get it all done in one, fell swoop. No biggie of time, just apply and you’re done!
  • Drink More: While this may, at first, appear to be a suggestion to visit a bar, it is not. What it is, however, is the sharing of a well-known fact that your skin’s health correlates to your hydration from the inside. Water, and water alone, is the most direct source of healthy hydration, so make it a goal to, 4 or 5 times a day, swill down a full two glasses of water and watch your skin begin to glow.
  • Slough it Off: There is amazing scientific evidence of how you can take advanced charge of your skin’s appearance by performing routine exfoliation. Without bothering to exfoliate, much of those nasty, dead skin cells shed by your skin remain deep within your pores, blocking them and setting your skin up for breakouts and general dullness, just to name a few issues.
  • Cleanse, Then Snooze: Resolve to make the effort to remove that makeup from your skin before you retire for the night. Do not sleep in your makeup. It’s like never exfoliating, times two or three. Remove it before it settles deeply into your pores.

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