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Pimple Treatments For Oily Skin

Women examining her acne.

Do you deal with oily skin?  We all have our different skin…’issues.’  Some people are more dry, some more oily.  The thing about oily skin is it tends to be even more prone to breakouts because it’s, well…oily.  Even though we ALL deal with pimples and breakouts throughout our lives (some more than others) it’s irritating for everyone.  Those nasty things seem to pop up in the WORST place at the WORST time.  But here’s the thing, we’re all about keeping things as doable as possible especially with skincare.  We found some great pimple treatments for oily skin for you to try!

It’s All In The Ingredients
There are a TON of different skincare products and treatments available to us now, and finding something that actually works can sometimes feel nearly impossible.  Experts continuously suggest those with oily skin and breakouts stick to using skincare products that contain salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide.  Both ingredients are known to help control oil more than others, and are found in a lot of skincare products specific to oily skin.  In addition, using skincare products that are created with your skin type in mind is also known to be incredibly helpful.  This is because those products have been made to specifically fit your needs and skin care concerns/conditions.

Natural masks
in addition to using skincare products made for oily skin, on a consistent basis, many people have found relieve for their pimples using some natural ingredient masks.  There are so many natural ingredients that hold incredible healing power, especially for pimples.  We found a TON of different masks and treatment combinations on our search but one of the most commonly referenced is a mask made with honey and lemon juice.  Many believe that lemon juice is one of the best ingredients to use for oily skin because of the citric acid that’s in it, it’s actually been found to help reduce the oil production in the skin.

A lot of experts love using honey because it’s actually been found to have some pretty awesome antibacterial properties AND helps to heal the skin – bingo for pimples!  Mixing these two ingredients together to form a mask and applying it for a short period of time (most suggest 15-20 minutes or so) has been found to almost immediately give relief to pimples.  Honestly, there are SO many different natural/home remedy face masks possible to soothe and treat pimples for oily skin.  It’s really about finding what ingredients you have at home and can easily wipe together!  You may find you’ll want to try a few different masks if you choose this route until you find a combination that works really well for you and your skin.

When it comes to pimple treatments for oily skin it’s about using products that are going to eliminate the excess oil but also soothe the area.  Using something too drying can cause other problems to occur, so make sure you’re still gentle!

Have you discovered pimple treatments for oily skin that have worked well?

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