Skin Care August 17, 2017

New Tattoo Precautions For Beach Goers

woman with tattoos

New tattoo? Taking the plunge to get a new tattoo is always an exciting time. Spending time deciding on a design that you’re excited about is part of the process. But of course with that exciting time comes the healing process of your new tattoo. Getting a tattoo isn’t something to take lightly, especially if you’re eager to have a smooth healing process. Now that we’re in the midst of the summer season we thought it was the perfect time…

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Skin Care August 15, 2017

Don’t Fall For These Skin Care Ingredients

skin care products

Skin care products continue to expand in technology, results and variety. Of course, we don’t have to tell you that-you already know! Since technology and science have really had an impact on the skin care industry, more and more ingredients are making their way into our skin care products. You’ve probably seen us talk about different skin care ingredients that are trending and beneficial to the skin but we haven’t talked about the opposite. Our goal is to keep you…

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Lifestyle August 12, 2017

Prepare Your At-Home Spa Oasis

Woman laying in robe

When you think about heading into the spa you probably think of an oasis atmosphere. Spas are known for their relaxing energy and décor that help to provide a full spa experience. They’re always great for that, but heading into the spa might not always be an option for you. Whether you don’t want to splurge on the typical spa experience, or spend the time we’ve found some ways to prepare your at-home spa oasis. Yes, this means you can…

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Makeup August 10, 2017

Prep Your Skin To Prevent The Summer Slide

woman prepping skin

Ladies…we’ve all been there. You know, when your makeup begins to melt off of your face in the extreme summer heat. It’s one of those makeup concerns we all have in the back of our minds during the summer season. Applying makeup is a part of our daily routines and a great way to feel a bit more confident throughout your days, but it can be tricky to feel confident with the fear of melting on your mind. We want…

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Hair August 8, 2017

What You Need To Know About IPL Hair Removal

woman having hair removal

Hair removal comes in a wide variety of options. We have the ability to choose how we want to remove any unwanted hair from our bodies. As technology advances there are more and more options, too! It’s exciting to discover new developments in hair removal because it’s something that so many of us spend time participating in. Whether you currently shave, wax or any other method it can be a huge time sucker! IPL hair removal has been a growing…

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Skin Care August 6, 2017

Caring For Your Skin During That Time Of The Month

Woman on period

Hormonal changes in our bodies can put a damper on our skin’s health and appearance. Ladies, you know this better than anyone. Since women experience hormonal changes every month, it can cause our skin to be put through a lot of changes. We know you’re probably tired of the same old struggles every single month, so we did some searching to find out what tips actually work to caring for your skin during that time of the month. If you’re…

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Skin Care August 3, 2017

Diet Tips for Healthy Skin

healthy food

Want healthy skin?! Of course you do! We’re willing to assume that you want healthy skin, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. Achieving healthy skin requires patience, consistency and knowledge of what your skin really needs. When it comes to using skin care products and your skin care routine, choosing products based on your skin type and needs is the main focus. While using quality skin care products is necessary, many experts have continued to stress that what we…

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Fashion August 1, 2017

Advice For Avoiding Beauty And Fashion Mistakes

Women shopping

Beauty and fashion are areas of our lives that can often feel end up as a hit or miss. Understanding, or even knowing what to avoid leaves a LOT out on the line. Of course we’re not here to put more stress on you, rather here to help solve some of those missing links for you. Feeling confident in your beauty and fashion decisions can help you feel more confident overall. So…we’ve put together some of our favorite advice for…

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Skin Care July 29, 2017

Signs And Solutions For Stressed Skin

woman checking for fine lines in the mirror

Is your skin stressed? Ok, we know YOU may be stressed-because really, who isn’t these days. But we’re talking about your skin. Before you question it, yes, your skin can be stressed. Our skin is put through quite a bit on a daily basis. Between the climate changes and the pollutants we’re exposed to on a daily basis, those are just a few things that can put stress on our skin. But how do you KNOW if your skin is…

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Beauty July 27, 2017

Skin Care Tips For Frequent Flyers

Travel bag

Are you a frequent flyer? If so, you’ve probably mastered the art of racking up your miles on your card and earning all those great travel point benefits. But have you been able to master your skin care while traveling? The thing about traveling is it tends to put a lot of stress on our skin. Jetting from climate to climate and being exposed to all the different elements along the way can do a number on our skin-leaving you…

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