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Our Favorite 70’s Songs

Some of the greatest music of all time can be found sitting in the realm of the 1970’s musical era. Lionesse would like to take a walk down memory lane by reminiscing on some of our favorite songs of the 70’s. Let’s explore some of our favorites – and some of the favorites across the country – during this time frame. Many of these songs can still be heard playing on many radio stations and streaming across media devices today, because good music and good ol’ rock and roll never dies.

The Beatles – Let it Be – 1970
One of the most infamous ever to come out of England, if not the world. This incredible group had the talent, vocal ability, and instrumental quality to bring them to the top of the billboard charts with nearly every song they had ever released. Let it be ranked number one for two straight weeks in a row in 1970, and has become even more popular in today’s world than it had been back then.

Blondie – Heart of Glass – 1979
Who in their right mind wasn’t in love with Blondie back in the day? Blondie was the girl that got everyone’s party started. This song was one about a love she thought she had, but lost because he wasn’t what she thought he was. Almost every girl in the world can related to this song, so it’s still playing on stations till this very day. Catchy tune that you could hear at almost any dance party back in the day.

The Emotions – The Best of My Love – 1977
This feel good song could heard be resounding in night clubs and even in the car when people were driving along going about their day back in ’77. This catchy tune had the ability to make nearly anyone happy. It’s a song about a love gone right – and as we all know, that’s a rare find – at least it is nowadays. This song continues to play aloud on the radio waves today and can still be heard at many wedding receptions today.

Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive – 1978
What can we say about the Bee Gee’s that hasn’t already been said before? This catchy disco era tune certainly makes us all want to get up out of our seats, track down our old disco shoes, and get to boogying down on the dance floor. This song is about ambition, staying strong through the hard times, and not letting anything get you down – no matter what. Definitely dance worthy. Those Gibb brothers had the groove!

Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water – 1970
This inspiring, beautiful song was a favorite, and has been redone by many different artists along the years, such as Anne Murray and Leann Rimes, among others. The message behind the song offers hope and inspiration from a friend or a loved one to another friend or loved one, and can be applied when someone is having a difficult time in their life. Even though there are many beautiful remakes of this timeless classic, there’s nothing quite like the original.

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive – 1979
This ever popular song can resonate with nearly every woman to ever live. This anthem for women is all about girl power, not letting any man ruin you or your heart, and pushing through heartbreak and the hard times. Many women today still love this song, and it’s become a long-adored Karaoke favorite. It’s usually a go-to song when a love has come to an abrupt, hurtful end. Gloria Gaynor is a true legend.

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough – 1979
The infamous and loveable Michael Jackson had to make our most beloved songs of the 70’s list – and what better song to bring him on with than Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough from 1979? This was the end of an era, and the beginning of a new era. With an incredibly disco feel to it, this was one of the most played songs at proms throughout the country everywhere. This feel good song makes everyone want to get up out of their seats and not stop till they get enough!

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