Skin Care August 17, 2017

New Tattoo Precautions For Beach Goers

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New tattoo? Taking the plunge to get a new tattoo is always an exciting time. Spending time deciding on a design that you’re excited about is part of the process. But of course with that exciting time comes the healing process of your new tattoo. Getting a tattoo isn’t something to take lightly, especially if you’re eager to have a smooth healing process. Now that we’re in the midst of the summer season we thought it was the perfect time to discuss new tattoo precautions for beach goers. So if you have a new tattoo and you’re planning to spend time at the beach (or outdoors this summer)-listen up!

Watch the Sand
Whether you realize it or not, sand can be quite abrasive on our skin. While it’s a great exfoliating agent, when you have a new tattoo the last thing you want on your skin is something that can cause some roughness. Keeping your new tattoo as protected from elements like sand is going to help tremendously with the healing process of your new tattoo. That being said, if you’re planning to head to the beach try to avoid sand rubbing up against your new tattoo. However possible, wearing a protective barrier of clothing on that area of your body is the best way to keep your tattoo away from the abrasive sand.

Stay Out of the Water
We realize it may seem unreasonable to tell you to stay out of the water when you’re at the beach, but it’s for your own good! The problem with bodies of water like the ocean and lakes is that they tend to be filled with minerals and bacteria that can cause infection when you have a new tattoo that’s in the healing process. Since your tattoo is essentially new, fresh skin keeping it away from anything that could potentially risk an infection is a necessary step in the healing process. So while we want you to enjoy your time at the beach, skip the water and enjoy the rest of the activities so you don’t run the risk of developing an infection-you’ll thank yourself later when your tattoo heals nicely.

Avoid the Sun
It’s no secret that the sun wreaks havoc on our skin, new tattoo or not. But as we mentioned above, when you’re in the process of healing a new tattoo your skin is much more sensitive than normal which means it’s much more sensitive to the sun. So while our skin should always be protected from the sun, adding extra protection elements to the area your new tattoo is on your body is going to save you from a lot of struggles as it continues to heal. Applying sunscreen and wearing protective clothing layer is the best practice during this time. Truthfully, even once you’re past the point of your tattoo being new it’s best to keep it protected from the sun because it can majorly fade your tattoo!

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