Skin Care December 21, 2016

New Solutions For Dry, Cracked Skin

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The temperatures have started to drop, and throughout a lot of the country the snow fall has begun.  Regardless of where you live, you’re probably starting to experience some of that winter dry skin that tends to come along with the winter season.  You’ve probably tried a lot of different skin care tips to help try to get rid of that dreaded dry skin, but they may not have worked in the way that you hoped.  Well, just when you thought you had to just deal with the dry skin this time of year – we’ve discovered some new solutions for dry, cracked skin and of course we’re sharing them with you to try out yourself.

Take a Soothing Bath
Ok, before we get into the details here it’s important to understand that you shouldn’t soak in hot baths for long periods of time – in fact doing so can make your dry, cracked skin worse.  However, some experts have found that adding a few natural oils to a warm bath can be incredibly helpful to soothing the skin.  These natural oils can be a mineral oil, avocado oil, or even almond oil – these are all really great for adding moisture into your skin and when added to a warm bath can help your skin become much more soothed and moisturized in an effective way.  The key is not to soak in the bath for too long, in fact it’s suggested to just stay in the bath for about 5-10 minutes maximum to get your skin the benefits without doing anything too harsh with the water.


Enlist the Help of a Humidifier
Typically, when you’re struggling with dry, cracked skin it’s because the climate conditions are extremely dry and just wreaking havoc on your skin.  Something that many people have found to be helpful, is to actually use a humidifier near them while they sleep or work at their desk (or wherever you’ll spend a decent amount of time).  This has been found to help because it’s adding moisture to the air, and in turn it adds moisture to your skin.  You don’t need a massive humidifier, a small desktop one will do the trick and just make use of it for a certain amount of time each day.

Pat Your Skin Dry
Any time you get out of a bath or shower, it’s such a habit to be in a rush and just rub your skin dry with a towel.  However, when your skin is dry and cracked you need to make sure you’re being extra cautious and that you’re not doing any further damage to your skin by being too rough.  Instead of just rubbing your skin dry with the towel, it’s suggested that you actually pat your skin dry with the towel.  This will allow you to have more control over the towel and so you’re not too harsh while drying off.

In addition, many people have found that incorporating more water and cutting out a lot of caffeine and sweetened drinks to be beneficial as a new solution for dry, cracked skin.

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