Skin Care May 29, 2016

Mid-Century Skin Care Practices

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Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of skin care practices were done in the 1950’s?  While in reality it wasn’t THAT long ago, it’s safe to say things have changed in the skin care industry…significantly (to say the very least).  Even since the 1990’s, skin care practices have evolved greatly.  We thought it would be fun to dive into what skin care practices looked like in the Mid-Century.  Just how much have things changed?  Well, it turns out… a LOT.

There are quite a few articles on skin care practices that took place in the 1950’s, most of which seemed to focus on the rise in cleansing the skin.  It seemed many commercials and ads were based around cleaning the skin, and the importance of it.  Cleansers at this time were in the form of bar soaps, often multi-purpose bar soaps.  In other words, they weren’t using cleansers that were strictly for washing the face.  However, there was a huge emphasis on why you needed to cleanse your skin thoroughly every day in order to get rid of the dirt and grime built up throughout the day.  Cleansers/bar soaps were used in combination with a wash cloth

Removing Makeup
In addition to the popularity of cleansing the skin, there seemed to be a large emphasis on the importance of removing makeup.  While makeup, in general, wasn’t applied to the extent it is in today’s world, there still seemed to be a large focus making sure women were removing their makeup.  However, unlike today where we have specific makeup removing products they were using a cold cream and cloth to remove the makeup.  Slightly different, huh?

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The Growth of the Beauty Industry
The 1950’s was really where the idea of glamor began to take off, with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe leading the way.  It seems this was the era where the makeup and skin care industries really started to take off in a big way, coming out with more makeup products and options than ever before.  It’s really no surprise when you have Marilyn Monroe as a style/ beauty icon – you’re going to want to focus on getting that flawless skin.

Taking a look back at the skin care practices of the 1950’s compared to today’s world is quite shocking.  It’s truly amazing to realize how much has changed in both the makeup and skin care industries since the 50’s, as we look at all the options we have today.  Although, like anything the boom in popularity starts somewhere and it seems the 1950’s was where a lot of the interested started to gain traction.  As we hear time and time again about the importance of cleansing, we’re now hearing more and more about the importance of toning and moisturizing – naturally we’ve learned more since the 50’s but the focus on the importance of cleansing and removing your makeup still holds true.

What do you think of these common skin care practices from the mid-century?

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