Makeup July 2, 2016

Makeup Tips for Beginners

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There are so many advanced, difficult to achieve makeup looks floating around social media.  It can be intimidating when we see all these professional makeup looks, when we’re just beginners.  Even if you’ve been wearing makeup for years, you may still be feeling like a beginner when it comes to application and techniques.  So if you’re finding makeup overwhelming, we’re going to share a few of our favorite makeup tips for beginners to help get you on the right path to makeup from this point on.  Ready?  Let’s get started!

Foundation tends to be overwhelming and just plain intimidating for many makeup beginners.  Trying to find the right match can feel nearly impossible, but the key to finding the best foundation match for your skin color is trying them on!  Go somewhere where you can swatch the products.  When you are sampling/trying them on test a little of the product on your jawline and let it sit for 30-60 seconds to see how the chemistry of your body reacts to the foundation and see if any of the color changes.  Often times foundation can change when it sits on your skin for a few sections, not waiting that time is often why women end up with the wrong color.  Additionally, step outside in natural light to see how the color matches up.

Get the Right Tools
Flawless makeup application really comes down to use the right tools, many women think brushes aren’t necessary when it comes to their makeup kit but they’re arguably more important than spending a ton on your actual makeup.  If you want to have an easier time achieving a makeup look, investing in the right makeup brushes is going to be crucial to your success.

Know Your Undertone
Your personal skin’s undertone plays a huge role in how makeup colors look and flatter you.  From lipstick to foundation, the undertone of you and the products can impact the overall appearance.  So it’s important to know your personal undertone.  Look at the veins in your arms.  If you have green/olive color veins you have a warm undertone, if you have blue you’re a cool undertone, if you’re in between you have a neutral undertone.  Once you know what your undertone is, you’re going to want to look for lipstick and foundation colors that have that same undertone.  If you’ve ever put a foundation color on that the color matched but just looked “off” for some reason it was likely because the undertone was different than your own.  The same thing goes with lipstick colors, if the color was great but seemed to wash you out – the undertone was likely the culprit.

One of the biggest mistaken steps in makeup beginners make is skipping the primers.  Primers are great because they help even out the surface of your skin and help your makeup stay on longer.  Between face primers and eye primers – they’re all super important if you want your makeup to stay all day.

What makeup tips do you think beginners need to know?

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