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Lionesse Reports on Skin Bleaching

Bleached ppale skinSkin bleaching or skin whitening has become popular among those seeking more perfect, flawless skin. Many celebrity women have this done on a regular basis to maintain the appearance of perfection, while those generally interested in maintaining an overall flawless look opt for the same types of treatments as well. Lionesse would like to help you understand more about this new trend in skin care, and learn more about the benefits it provides.

Changing Your Skin Color Entirely

Michael Jackson made this particular method famous by having this procedure done, due to the fact that he was unhappy with his skin color. Many people around the world choose to have this procedure done for the same reason.

Removing Dark Spots

Many women and men alike choose to either do an at home bleaching treatment, or head to their dermatologist to have this process done. Perhaps you have a dark patch of skin that doesn’t match the rest of your skin – such as a birthmark or freckles. This process can be completed to lighten, if not completely diminish, the patches of dark skin and spots, leaving you with a more even tone. Perhaps aging has caused some spots on your skin, or you may have developed them from diseases such as Diabetes Type 2. Whatever the case may be, skin bleaching can help in these types of situations.

Reverse Uneven Skin Tone

Perhaps you have blotchy skin, with patches throughout your body which don’t match the rest of your skin’s color due to pigment diseases, or burns. Whatever the case may be, bleaching your skin could be used to help treat the appearance of an uneven skin tone. Many people choose to have areas on their face bleached, as this is the most commonly seen portion of one’s body. It can be stressful and embarrassing for those who have uneven skin tones to deal with daily life, and therefore, they may choose this option as a method of treatment.

The Methods of Skin Bleaching – What are They?

There are three main methods of bleaching the skin. They are:

    • Chemical Bleaching – Provides fastest results, but as harsh chemicals are used, this may pose dangerous health risks. Typically a service provided by a professional.
    • Natural Skin Bleaching – Much safer than chemical or laser bleaching methods, and can be done at home. Generally, these types of methods provide slower results, but they do work.
    • Laser Skin Bleaching – Lasers are used to correct spots or skin pigment issues, and is only available through an office visit to a licensed dermatologist.

Some of the dangers posed by chemical bleaching are the ingredients within them. For instance, most checmical bleaches contain Hydroquinone, a particular ingredient that was actually banned from Europe for the use in skin bleaches, as the threats it poses to human health are not worth the risk. Some of these threats involve cancer, skin cancer, damage to the immune, reproductive, and nervous system, and more. The risks are generally not worth the benefits, which is why this method of skin lightening is typically not condoned. These particular skin bleaching kits are usually in cream or gel form, and have strong odors and need good ventilation. Generally speaking, if something is too harsh to smell, do you really want to apply it to your skin?

Natural lightening methods typically involve pastes made from lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda. The paste is applied to the skin, and is allowed to rest for 30 minutes or more. When rinsed, and repeated once per week, this will generally fade spots and pigmentation issues over time.

Laser skin bleaching can be painful, time consuming, and expensive. It’s not recommended unless you only have a spot or two you would like to rid, but for some, it’s not worth the expense and pain endured throughout the process.

Lionesse has come to the conclusion that natural skin lightening methods are the best route to go. We will always look out for our readers health, and we hope you will do your research on the various method of skin bleaching before undergoing any of these procedures.

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