Lionesse Beauty Bar August 25, 2014

Lionesse introduces a new and fresh concept

Lionesse introduces a new conceptThroughout the ages women have been in search of the best products for skin and hair to maintain a clean and vital appearance as well as defeating the signs of aging. The market is full of different types of quality products specially created to enrich each area of the body or scalp, but it is often difficult to locate beauty professionals with the expertise and the specific products needed by each individual. Lionesse is a beauty bar that everyone with various types of skin conditions can relate to, because it is a source for products suitable for each skin or hair type. In addition, the beauty bars are staffed by professionals in beauty products and solutions who can help, advise and select the perfect product for every individual situation. Whether the person seeking advice is suffering from dry skin, oily scalp or brittle hair, the beauty experts are well suited to recommend the correct product and therapy that will suit each need.

Culture of Beauty

Lionesse Culture and BeautyLionesse introduces a new and fresh concept in selling and marketing high quality beauty products. The beauty bars are an innovative venue offering a new experience that combines shopping, hair styling and makeup. While clients are free to browse and shop in a well-designed store, endless opportunities are available for beauty treatments. Whether it is trying out new makeup items or sitting in a styling chair, the experts on staff assist in selecting the correct products for the client’s skin or hair. The entire experience is relaxing and clients enjoy browsing in a fun atmosphere. Customers can try out the Red Tourmaline hair straightener in either the 1.5 or two-inch size and buy one to take home with them. At the end of one or two hours of individual pampering, the client leaves the beauty bar feeling special. 

Experienced and Friendly Staff

Lionesse Experienced and trained staffNothing is worse than buying an expensive cream or lotion only to find out that it is not beneficial to your particular skin type. Going shopping for beauty products can be overwhelming when there are a myriad of excellent products to choose from. An advantage of entering a Lionesse Beauty Bar to buy skin or hair care products is the savvy team of professionals who have the knowledge and training that enables them to help clients easily find the correct products. They effectively take the hassle out of the selection process and at the end of the day, the buyer benefits from the perfect product. The staff goes overboard to make the entire experience fun by incorporating a DJ stand into the bar that customers can access freely. To complete the experience, the store serves enticing refreshments. Although an appointment is recommended, anyone can walk into a Lionesse Beauty Bar at any time and receive prompt and professional attention. Customers who arrive without an appointment are offered a spontaneous makeover to try out the products. Customers keep up on the newest products and special sales in the beauty salons by joining the Lionesse Facebook page or following on Twitter.
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