Skin Care October 13, 2016

Limiting Alcohol Consumption For Better Skin Health

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There’s something about going out for drinks with friends, or having a few glasses of wine to unwind from the day that never seems to get old.  It’s part of the world we live in, odds are you ask or get asked to “go out for drinks” on a fairly regular basis.  While we love a good cocktail now and then, we’ve also come across some information that relates alcohol consumption to our skin and it has us thinking twice about going out for drinks on a fairly regular basis.  Not sure what we mean?  We’re talking about limited alcohol consumption for better skin health to give you all the details.

It Causes Dehydration
You may be thinking that because alcohol is a liquid it’s hydrating you, but the truth is it does the exact opposite.  This plays a major role in our skin’s health because we want to keep our skin as hydrated and moisturized as possible, so when we drink too much alcohol we’re losing a lot of that.  If you’ve noticed when you’ve had quite a bit of alcohol, the next day your skin appears drier and less plump…this is because of the dehydration it causes.

The Sugar Consumption Factor
Another thing you may not realize when consuming alcohol is the fact that most alcohol/drinks have sugar in them.  Sugar has been found to cause some negative effects on your skin, primarily increasing inflammation and causing cell damage which can play major roles in the aging process of your skin.  It’s suggested that if you are going to drink alcohol try to pay attention to the amount of sugar you’re in taking and avoid super sugary drinks.  If you’ve had a lot of sugary drinks, it’s been found that you can actually get a sugar hangover on top of your alcohol hangover…sounds bad right?  Often you’ll notice your skin looks sallow when this happens.

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The Salt Intake
In addition to the fact that many types of alcohol and drinks consist of sugar, many also contain a decent amount of salt.  You probably know that when you eat too much salt you feel bloated, well the same thing happens when you drink too much salt.  Drinking drinks with a lot of salt in them can cause your skin to actually appear bloated and swollen.

It’s obvious that certain factors in alcohol and drinking it on a regular basis can wreak havoc on your skin, but of course we’re not expecting you to never drink alcohol again.  Being aware of what your drinks contain and how they could negative impact your skin’s health is a huge step.  In addition, try decreasing the amount you drink alcohol to a more limited amount.  This way you’re still able to participate in the social aspect of it, but you’re not going to put your skin health in any negative place.  Don’t forget to make sure to drink a TON of water anytime you’re drinking alcohol to keep your body hydrated and flushing the alcohol out of your system quicker.

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