Skin Care June 25, 2016

Legs That Glow

Woman with beautiful legs

Since it’s summertime our legs are being exposed much more on a daily basis and let’s face it, we all want a little extra glow this time of year.  But the downside is we don’t all have naturally glowing legs.  The upside is thanks to a few key beauty tricks, we can all have gorgeously glowing legs any time of the year!  And we don’t have to sit outside for hours on end to try to achieve that glow.  Don’t believe us?  Well, we’re going to share our favorite tips for getting legs that glow so you can glow all summer long.

Massage Your Legs
Part of having gorgeous glowing legs is to get them glowing as naturally as possible (and with minimal product because really… who has the time?!).  One key tip to getting your legs an extra glowing boost is to massage them before stepping into the shower, massage is a great way to increase blood flow all over your body and since you’re focusing on your legs get the blood flowing!  Experts suggest massaging your legs in a downward position, this will get the blood flow and circulation going and some say they see a difference in appearance in a fairly short amount of time.  Some ladies have even found massaging with milk and/or cream to give it an extra boost of glow.

Use a Self-Tanning Product
There are SO many great self-tanners available now, the industry really has come a long way.  Applying a gradual self-tanner to your legs (and all over your body) can be an easy, and fairly quick way to get an extra boost of glow to your legs.  It’s a great way to not only get some color, but also create that natural glow even if you’re not outside all summer long.

Woman exfoliating legs

We always hear about exfoliating the skin on our face, but rarely other parts of our bodies.  Since exfoliating is a major step to eliminating the dead skin cells and giving you that refreshed look – it does the SAME thing to the skin on your legs.  There are a ton of great body exfoliating products available that can help you easily exfoliate the skin on your legs to give you that extra glow.  And hey, word on the street is J.Lo exfoliates her legs on the regular – so it must work!

Contouring Trick
Many celebs actually use a little contouring trick to help their legs look extra glowing and gorgeous.  Ok, ok we’ll tell you!  Adding a highlighting product down the center of your shins is a simple way to glow and even emphasize/fake some extra muscle tone on your legs.  An extra bonus is creating this vertical shimmer line down the center of your leg will also help elongate your leg line – aka make your legs look longer.  Bonus!  The easiest type of highlighting product to use for this trick tends to be a loose powder.

Will you be trying any, or all, of these leg glowing tricks?

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