Skin Care September 2, 2017

Know The Difference: Burn Or Allergy

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Summer is filled with long days, sunshine, and warm temperatures. What’s not to love about that combination, right? Of course, the downside to all of this is the sun is at its highest intensity this time of year which can cause some problems for our skin. We’re sure you already know how important it is to keep your skin well protected from the sun this time of year, but we know that life happens and sometimes you have some skin problems that arise from the sun. If you find yourself dealing with some skin problems from the sun it’s essential that you know the difference between two of the most common skin problems from the sun. We’re talking about how to know the difference: burn or allergy now.

Sun Burn
It’s likely that you’re quite familiar with sunburns in your skin. Sunburns are common skin struggles that often occur when someone has spent too much time in the sun without enough protection on their skin. Sunburns often result in skin that’s inflamed, red and often painful. Some individuals may not experience sunburn immediately, but rather a bit of time  after the exposure to the sun. Additionally, depending upon the severity of the sunburn some experience blisters and peeling from the sunburn. It’s been said that individuals with fair skin are the most susceptible to sunburn after sun exposure. However sunburn can occur in others as well.

Sun Allergy
Sun allergies are different than sunburns, however many people tend to confuse the two thinking that sun allergies are sunburns. The sun allergies differ in that after exposure to the sun, you experience a rash like redness on your skin in areas your skin was exposed to the sun.  Sun allergies are often itchy, much like an allergic reaction people experience to many other issues they’re allergic to. Rash like appearance is the most common allergy sign people notice, however hives are also a common sign of a sun allergy. In short, sun allergy is an allergic reaction to exposure to the sun.

Because sunburns and allergies result in the skin in the form of irritated skin, it’s common to confuse the two. However they are different and need to be treated differently. Sun burns are because of too much exposure to the sun, while sun allergies are the result of the actual irritation from sun exposure at all. Experts suggest that many individuals who experience sun allergies will notice a decrease in the allergy signs throughout the summer season,  however you will generally notice that you experience allergic reaction signs every spring/summer season.

Whether you experience sunburns or sun allergies, protecting your skin from the sun needs to be a priority for your skin care. The sun isn’t gentle on our skin, which is why there are so many skin concerns that result after we expose our skin to the sun. If you haven’t been making sun protection a priority, now is the time to start.

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