Skin Care October 29, 2016

Keeping Your Ears Healthy

Woman wearing an earring

When it comes to our health we all know it’s important to keep our skin healthy, and our overall health in our bodies.  You know eating well and exercising plays a major role in our overall health.  But while we all spend a lot of time and energy on our health in general, there’s not a lot of talk or information out there about keeping your ears healthy.  Yes, we’re talking about ear health.  Because our ears are another part of our bodies that do need to be kept healthy!  Odds are you don’t spend a ton of time thinking about your ear health (until/unless you’ve had some ear health problems in the past).  So we’re giving you some details to take into consideration to make sure you’re not leaving your ears out!

Don’t Skip Them in Your Skin Care Routine
Let’s face it, when we’re going through our daily skin care routine we don’t often think to include our ears.  But our ears do have skin on them… hence why we need to make sure that we’re caring for them as well.  It’s important that you don’t forget to apply moisturizer to the outside area of your ears, and please don’t forget to apply SPF products to your ears.  If you’ve ever had sunburn on your ears…you know why we’re stressing this.  But the skin on your ears is really sensitive and exposed to the sun, so don’t leave that part out in your routine.

Maintain Piercing Care
If you have your ears pierced, you were likely told to make sure that you’re maintaining the piercing area clean with alcohol wipes after you get them pierced.  But if we’re honest, once we got through that initial time after your ears were pierced you stopped doing any of those sanitary steps.  But the thing is…. we need to make sure that we’re keeping up with our ear piercing habits long after our ears have been pierced.  Experts suggest taking the time to sanitize your earrings and ears to get any bacteria off of the areas that could cause infections to arise.  In addition, make sure that you don’t just continue to wear earrings that cause you to have irritations on the ears, it could lead to infection problems down the line.

Watch the Noise
We definitely live in a world that consists of listening to music and using technology to do so.  With that comes the use ear buds and listening to music or talking on the phone.  While we’re all about jamming out to your favorite tunes that way, it can also lead to ear struggles down the line.  Experts suggest that to really keep up with healthy internal ear health, you need to get in the habit of watching the noise levels – especially when you’re listening to music via ear buds.  Listening to music that’s too loud for too long can result in hearing loss and other problems if you don’t take the proper precautions.

What steps do you take  for keeping your ears healthy?

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