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Keep Your Hands Off

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Keep your hands off! Off your skin and face, that is. We know, we know it’s such an easy and seemingly harmless habit to touch your face. Have you ever stopped to think about how often you touch your face on a daily basis? Odds are you touch your face a lot more than you even realize you do. We say it’s seemingly harmless because most of us don’t think that touching our face will or can negatively impact our skin’s health or appearance in any way. The truth is…it does. Let’s get into WHY you really should keep your hands off your skin.

Think about it, your hands are exposed to a lot of different things on a daily basis. Between your daily life, the things you touch and everything you’re around your hands end up with a lot of different bacteria, viruses and other ‘stuff’ on a consistent basis. So what does that mean? To put it simply, it means that every time you touch your face you’re actually putting all those bacteria and viruses onto your skin. Puts things into perspective a bit more, doesn’t it? We’re going to assume you don’t want to add more bacteria and viruses to your skin’s surface, so that’s a pretty good reason alone to keep your hands off.

In addition to adding bacteria and viruses to your skin’s surface, touching and picking at your face can cause acne and other skin concerns to become worse. When we touch our skin it puts additional stress onto our skin, which can also lead to an increase in inflammation. To top that off, when picking at acne breakouts it can spread the bacteria and oils that were underneath the skin’s surface resulting in even more acne breakouts throughout the rest of your skin. Yikes, right?

As we mentioned before, chances are you don’t even realize how often you’re touching your face. To get a real understanding and help you to break this habit, start paying attention for the next week or few days to really establish just how often you’re touching your face. Once you understand how often and when you are touching your face, it will help you to have better control over stopping the nasty habit. Because yes, you do need to put a stop to touching your face as much as you possibly can. We realize you’re human and you may slip up every now and then but making a conscious decision to NOT touch your face and pick at your face as  much as you can is going to help you to eliminate adding all that extra bacteria, oil and virus to your skin’s surface. If you’ve been feeling like you’re not seeing results the way you hoped from your skin care routine, it could be because you’re touching your face too often.

So what do you think? Will you be keeping your hands off?

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