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Is Fall The Best Season For Your Skin?

It seems like even though it’s not officially fall, we’ve been hearing about pumpkin spice everything already.  There’s something about the fall season that has so many people filled with traditions and excitement for a new season.  Even if you love summer, there is something gorgeous about fall.  Between the changes in weather, clothes, and makeup it’s synonymous with change.  But we all know we’re not just changing our wardrobes for the fall season, our skin also tends to make some adjustments.  It got us thinking about the best season for your skin.  Is fall the best season for your skin?  Or what is?  We thought we’d bring this into the discussion for the week.

Woman enjoying the fall season.

Now let’s just start by clearing the air, the ‘best’ season for your skin can definitely differ from person to person but we just did a little digging to figure out if fall is one of the best seasons for people in general in regards to their skin.  While there isn’t a lot of hard research and information on this topic, it got us thinking about what the weather is like in the fall.  During the summer our skin is put through a bit of a ringer with the heat and sun blazing more often than normal.  Then as we think about winter, our skin is put through the ringer in a different way this time because of the low temperatures and often dry air and higher winds.  So it’s safe to say winter and summer are likely two of the hardest seasons on our skin, because of weather-related struggles (of course depending on where you live).  Then we’re left with fall and spring, spring tends to be pretty moist, rainy and humidity levels tend to pick up so it’s likely a hit or miss for people with their skin.  The great thing about fall weather is the air isn’t super dry but it’s not really humid either, it’s a nice in-between place.  In addition, the fall tends to be synonymous with mild weather for most locations around the United States.  Meaning it’s not really hot and not really cold (for the most part).  Essentially, it’s a great subtle time of year with the weather and let’s face it – the weather can definitely play a major role in our skin.

In addition to the outdoor weather factors that come into play with the fall season, the indoor temps tend to be pretty mild as well.  If you’ve been following some of our sites for a while you’ve probably read some of our articles talking about the havoc indoor climates can have on our skin as well.  The nice mild temperatures and climates both indoors and outdoors definitely play a role in our skin, and definitely, leads us to feel like fall is one of the best seasons for your skin.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Do you notice your skin flourishes a bit more in the fall?  What season do you think is the best for your skin?

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