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How to Transform Your Look With Colored Contacts

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Looking for a quick, easy way to completely change your look? Colored contacts are fast, effective, and just a prescription away from making your style fresh and unique! Colored contacts, like hair extensions and faux tanners, are great options for changing your look on a whim with no permanent consequences if you find you don’t like the color or style. Think of it like a whole new wardrobe option!

Unfortunately, lots of people sell unsafe colored contacts that can damage your eye and lead to eye infections, injury, or even blindness. Additionally, lots of people don’t understand that as with anything in life, you get what you pay for: and you want to be especially careful when you’re deciding what goes into your eyeball. Since the field of colored contacts is so broad, we’ve narrowed down a quick list of do’s and don’ts when looking for your first pair of new colored contacts.

DO: Only Buy Prescription Colored Contact Lenses
Even if your contacts are strictly cosmetic and won’t have any type of corrective lens in them, it’s important that you go to an ophthalmologist for your colored contact lenses. Why? Because everybody’s eye shape is different, and even microscopic bumps or ridges that are on your eyeballs can spell trouble if you buy generic sized ones.

It’s illegal in the US to buy colored contacts without a prescription, and for good reason: if you buy generic-sized colored contacts, you may end up with damaged eyes, whether it’s from a bad fit, illegal chemicals, or tearing of the contact. Trust us, when it comes to things you put in your eyes, the only eyes that you have, it’s worth every penny.

DON’T: Neglect the Skin Around Your Eyes
Because taking things in and out of your eyes may irritate your undereye and lid area, make sure to invest in a good eye cream. Look for formulas that are non-irritating and moisturizing, and those that use mostly natural ingredients like jojoba and sweet almond oil, brightening plant extracts like licorice and bearberry, and moisturizers like ceramide and arbutin.

DO: Find Which Tint Works Best for Your Needs
For those of us with darker eyes, opaque tints are our best bet: because of the darkness of the iris, only bright, opaque shades will show up. Make sure to look for “opaque tints” when you’re shopping around. If you have light-colored eyes, opaque tins will work for you as well, but you also have the option of “enhancement tints”. These are tints that lighten, brighten, and accentuate your natural eye color. Congratulations: because your eyes are so light, you can easily switch from violet to black to ice blue without any trouble!

DO: Look into Circle Lenses
If you’re going for a fun, dramatic look, circle lenses are the latest trend in colored contact lenses. These lenses combine bright colors with dark outer rings, giving the bright iris color a contrasting background to make the eyes appear wider.

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