Skin Care May 31, 2015

How to Keep Skin Matte in the Heat

The summer months have a way of bringing plenty of humidity, which brings with it sweaty, sticky, and uncomfortable situations while spending time outside. Oily skin can look worse when exposed to humid climates, as shine is sure to follow exposure to the heat. Aside from that, your hair is sure to pay for it – but there is hope! Lionesse has some tips to keep your skin matte in the heat no matter what you’re doing this summer.

Woman applying a moisturizer.

Use an Oil Control Cleanser & Moisturizer
Using an oil control cleanser is important to maintaining the oil production within your facial skin. This will help to give you great oil control throughout the day, no matter what climate you plan on being in. You can also follow up with a moisturizer targeted for those with oily skin to ensure your skin looks its best all day long, without giving you that greasy feel. If you need to use any further products such as serums or creams, be sure to use them on the targeted areas before setting foot out the door for the day.

Woman using a blotting tissue on her face.

Use Oil Blotting Tissues
Usually consisting of rice paper and botanicals, oil blotting tissues or sheets are exceptional at removing excess oil and moisture, and they leave the skin feeling refreshed and clean. They also take the sheen away from the skin during heat exposure and excess oil production, and provide a flawless, matte look. You could also opt for Sephora’s Charcoal oil blotting sheets, which are very inexpensive. You should always keep some oil blotting wipes, regardless what type, in your purse for face touch ups if you’re an oily skin kind of girl.

Woman using a facial tissue to wipe her face.

Facial Wipes
When you aren’t wearing any makeup and you’re going au natural, the best course of action is to keep some facial wipes with you in your purse or car to touch up and refresh your face, and keep your skin matte. Opt for wipes that are free of oil to give you that matte look, while refreshing your skin.

Woman looking out of the window.

Sun Appropriate Makeup
If you are going to be wearing makeup while spending time in the heat, the best type of makeup you can choose to wear really isn’t even a makeup at all. Tinted moisturizer, while providing hydration, sun protection, and color all in one, is a fantastic alternative to the typical three-step process most women need to complete on a daily basis. This way, you get all three knocked out in one – and this won’t run or look bad for the time you spend outdoors. Another alternative is mineral makeup products. A great product for the heat and the shine combined is the Jemma Kidd Show Stopper Water Resistant Bronzer. Both of these types of products will generally stay put well, and if you do experience any sort of sheen to your skin through the product, a simple blot with a tissue or oil blotting sheet should do the job.

Woman applying lotion on her skin.

Use Oil Controlling Lotion
Using an oil control lotion, such as Bobbi Brown’s Oil Control Lotion in SPF 15 will keep oil at bay for the duration of time in which you spend outside.

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