Skin Care November 16, 2015

Here’s How You Can Make Your Pores Look Smaller

Most of us go through the majority of our years without having to pay any special attention to the size of our pores. A good many folks are forced to deal with acne, blackheads and the spectrum of pore-produced skin problems that arise sometime during adolescence. These various skin conditions will either subside or continue to plague certain unfortunate sufferers for a longer stretch of life. The size of a person’s pores has little to do with anything they might put on our skin, but more to do with hormonal changes that can occur in life. Men typically have larger pores than women, but once women hit menopause, the playing field becomes more even, along with the sizes of pores of both genders. Here are some effective methods to use that will help your pores, with a good chance that not only will they make your pores look smaller, but they might actually reduce the size of your pores:

Woman using exfoliating soap.

Out With the Old
Regular exfoliation, done fairly frequently, is one of the best ways to clean and unclog your pores. There are basically two types of methods by which exfoliation can be performed, and dermatologists recommend the use of both, for the best, most thorough results. First, there are the exfoliants that are performed by the use of chemicals, which are applied directly to the face. You’ll find a range of chemically rendered exfoliators, in different forms, such as serums and other topicals. Make sure to only use products without alcohol or other known irritants. A chemical exfoliant does not have to hurt to work effectively. The other type of exfoliation method is by hands-on work using facial scrubs and specially designed sponges and brushes that do not harm the delicate skin of the face.

Woman cleansing her face.

Keep it Clean
Just as important–and, in fact, more important–is regular cleaning of your face. Cleaning is the best way to quickly get dirt and makeup off your face before either has had time to settle into your pores, while exfoliating does the work of going deeper for anything that regular cleaning might have missed. Wash your face with warm water and a good cleanser that is PH balanced–up to 2% Salicylic Acid is good if needed, but perform this ritual in the morning and before bed, as well as any time you’ve been exposed to sweating or dirt, dust, etc. The quicker you can get that stuff off your face, the less likely it’ll be to burrow deeper into your pores.

Woman applying sunscreen.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen
Unprotected sun exposure is known to slow down cell production, which has been directly linked to ruddy looking faces and enlarged pores.

Woman using a skin cream.

Rely on Retinol
A wonderful ingredient in skin care–retinols break down the cohesion of the outermost skin cells, and thus enable the extraction of deeper, pore-bound debris and dirt. In creams and serums.

Woman steaming her face.

Hot Shot
Steaming your face is another wonderful way of giving your pores permission to shrink back, unhampered by dead skin cells, dirt and makeup. It’s a nice treat for your sinuses, too. Adding some rose petals and other great smelling essential oils ratchets the enjoyment up, too.

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