Skin Care July 21, 2016

Healing Acne Scars

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If you’ve suffered from acne at any point in your life, you may be dealing with the scars from those pesky breakouts.  You’re probably frustrated feeling like that acne was bad enough, who wants to deal with scars also?  We feel you on that one.  Unfortunately, it’s just part of life and acne.  The good news is we’ve discovered some ways to help you in healing acne scars that have been found to have tremendous results for many who have applied them.  We’re just going to get right into them, since we know that’s why you’re here!

STOP Picking
Ok, you’ve heard it plenty of times “don’t touch your face” but chances are you’re still touching your face.  The thing is when you’ve had acne and you’re trying to get any scar left behind to heal, it’s especially important that you don’t  touch.  During the time when your acne scar is healing it’s, well trying to repair itself and likely has quite a bit of inflammation.  So when we pick and touch the area, it can increase inflammation and cause it to prolong or limit the healing process.

Watch the Sun
You’ve heard about being careful of the sun as a general skincare tip to follow, but it’s also been found to have an impact on healing acne scars.  What many have found is that by not protecting your skin from the sun while the acne scars are healing, it can actually cause the scar area to become dark and even avoid it from actually healing.  You’re putting your skin and the scar area under a lot of stress with the sun, which is why it cannot heal properly.

Use Skincare
Many experts also suggest including great skin care into your beauty routine to further assist the healing process.  Particularly looking for products that promote renewal and exfoliation properties.  These factors can help give your skin the extra boost it needs, in a gentle way.  Now if you’re using skincare to help with the healing of acne scars you’re definitely going to want to consult a skincare expert to make sure you’re using something that won’t cause you to have more acne and is formulated to help with what you need help with in your scars.

Getting Professional Help
All acne scars are different and some will still continue to be stubborn even when adapting the above tips, this can sometimes be where professional assistance is necessary.  Luckily, there are a large number of options available now when it comes to healing acne scars.  Treatments like laser, dermabrasion, and even certain fillers can and have been used in the process of treating acne scars.  If you feel your scars are at this level, it’s crucial that you seek the help of a professional that you trust and has experience in healing acne scars in a safe and productive manner.

While acne scars are frustrating, there are definitely more ways now than ever before to help with the healing process. Have you found a technique that helps with healing acne scars?

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