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Good Skin Equals Great Makeup

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Until some miraculous discovery occurs within the research efforts and clinical trials performed by those dedicated scientific laboratories that at long last reveals a 100% corrective foundation, we’re stuck with the ones we now have, basically. While it would be an answered prayer to finally have a foundation that magically forms its own impenetrable, unbroken layer of skin covering perfection that is breathable, there is nothing even remotely similar right now. Until the time comes–and it very well may, one day–but until then, a great percentage of the onus for your best made-up glow refers back to you–your heredity, your lifestyle, your habits and your environment–oh, and how you handle them all. You can’t fairly place all of the blame solely on any one or all of the aforementioned. While they can all be significant contributors to the condition of your skin, what you do to counter each thing–and there are steps you can take on all fronts–matters.

Let’s be Fair About it
Hopefully, you aren’t relying on your makeup foundation–along with the myriad of advanced gain from techniques like strobing, highlighting, bronzing and contouring–to visually fix or cover up skin problems you aren’t giving adequate attention to address. This would just not be fair. Not that these techniques aren’t all really cool in their own ways, but it is what you start with–the genuine article: your skin and its condition that is the first foundation, upon which you lay every subsequent layer of makeup. When you take some time to first find out what agents are nutrients, and which are irritants to your skin, it’s your responsibility to use the good ones and avoid the culprits. Then, stuff like never sleeping in your makeup and routine exfoliation are important. Additional measures like wearing sunscreen every day and using a cleanser, toner and moisturizer that is specifically formulated for your skin type are important. Never sharing makeup, never mashing or squeezing pimples and using the right base makeup, for oily or dry skin are key, as well.

Woman with a natural look.

Begin With the Skin
With confidence that you are doing everything you can to care for your skin properly, you might look at foundation in an entirely different light, as a result. Well cared-for skin is the best foundation, and only needs minimal makeup–and then, not to cover up, but more to highlight your best features. Nude makeup looks are hot now, and nicely boost the tone of your skin with the properly selected colors, like honey and taupe for adding a glow to your fair skin, deeper values of caramels and butterscotch tones for medium skin, and for darker skin, a tonal array of chocolatey golds, progressing toward sunkissed terracottas.

The Look
The new “barely there” foundations are for women whose skin tone is even, as there is no heavy handed layer with this look. Try subtle touches like tinted moisturizer and the new sheer foundations. Place the shine at your eyes, with the new shimmery shadows that rock. With the blush/shadow you apply, go for tones within the same color as your foundation and skin tone, but just a bit darker. This look calls for a separating mascara, rather than any volumizing type, and go for no eyeliner here. Lip stains beautifully contribute to this look, and if you want to do some gloss, use one of the new mattes, or a creamy balm, instead of the shiny finishes.

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