Skin Care October 4, 2015

Glowing Skin at Any Age

If you’ve ever seen or known someone whose skin just seems to radiate and thought to yourself that the only way anyone with such a beautiful complexion must have some really fantastic genes running in the family. And it could very well be true–with your assumption being spot-on, but having any less measure of the gift of great genes does not have to be an excuse for a skin beauty deficiency. And especially not now, as there have been so many scientifically proven methods of nourishing skin care that are available to all. While it is enviable to find someone who effortlessly inherited can have skin they’d be proud of.

Woman with glowing skin.

Stop Covering Up
There are many people who report a heavy reliance upon good skin coverage from the most opaque cosmetics they can get their hands on, before they’d ever dare to venture out into the public. For these, it would be a dream come true to come and go, when and where they please, without the requirement of needing any preliminary embarrassment-preventing makeup foundation to cover up any form of skin deficiency.

Indirect Help for Skin
To begin with, there are ways in which you can improve your skin indirectly, and  without ever even touching it. There just can not be enough said in promoting the skin benefits from ample water consumption. Carry water with you, and drink it all day long. While many people enjoy having a nice glass of wine here and there, consumption of alcohol, among other specific foods and beverages can overly dry out your skin. Always make sure to make up for eating or drinking any problematic foods and drinks. So diet, and eating choices can both detract from your skin’s resiliency just as much as they can serve to benefit it. By finding the foods that support healthy skin and incorporating them into your diet, your skin will begin to show signs of improvement overnight! Also, make sure that you get enough  sleep. Insufficient rest and sleep can affect your skin negatively, and engaging in regular exercise is a great way to support better skin. Developing methods for handling stress and general overloads will contribute to a skin improvement, too.

Woman applying sunscreen.

You hear mention of sunscreen all the time, but it’ll do you no good if you don’t actually apply it. Your foundation may be formulated with sunscreen, but if not, you can mix it in with your foundation before applying. Conversely, you can apply a layer of sunscreen before you apply your foundation. And know when to touch up or reapply altogether.

Fluctuating Conditions
Whether surging or waning, hormone levels can play havoc with your face, producing acne at any time. Dermatologists typically prescribe benzoyl peroxide, retinol and Retin-A. And many people suffer from facial eczema, which, if unresponsive to extreme DIY-TLC, might require a prescription for a topical corticosteroid. During pregnancy, melasma (dark splotches) can occur on the face and neck. If particularly bothersome, these can be lightened by a special cream, available by prescription.

Woman getting a skin check-up with a dermatologist.

Fight Back, Against Skin Cancer
Thankfully, when caught early on, it’s 99% treatable. Conduct monthly self-checks and yearly derm. exams. Postmenopausal skin can benefit from a retinoid prescription  for tretinoin, that will minimize signs of aging and even out skin tone, wrinkles and such. Take advantage of the antioxidant benefits found in botanicals like feverfew and licorice root.

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