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Glow! How to Get a Natural Glow from the Inside Out

Nothing makes you look more beautiful than glowing skin. It makes you look younger, more radiant, and more vibrant. It gives you a fresh and naturally beautiful look that doesn’t require makeup or a lot of other fanfare.

Getting glowing skin requires a lot more than toning every day or finding the right night cream. Of course, those things help, as do exfoliation, but you need to start your skin care regime from the inside out if you are to get the results you want. Here are a few things you can do to create that natural, healthy glow:

Improve Your Digestive Health
Your digestive system is ground zero for a number of health issues, including your skin health. If your digestive system is blocked, your body will be holding onto toxins, and those will come out and show up on your skin. When your intestines are moving freely, those toxins will be properly expelled, and your skin will look beautiful and clear. Take a probiotic and eat a diet full of healthy fiber to improve your digestive health.


Eat a Healthy Diet
The food you eat will show up on your skin. We don’t mean that oily food will create oily skin. But foods that are full of fats and sugars will certainly make your skin look tired and dull. Processed foods, sugary foods and fatty foods all promote inflammation in the body, which can age your skin more quickly than you age. Eat foods that reduce inflammation, such as antioxidant-packed fruits and vegetables and nuts and meats that have omega-3 fatty acids.

Drink Plenty of Water
Drinking a lot of water promotes the health of your digestive system and ensures that toxins are expelled from your body the right way, not through your skin. Drinking plenty of water will also help to keep your skin hydrated, which will help it to stay soft, smooth, and supple. Skin that is dehydrated will age prematurely, sagging and developing fine lines.

Woman sleeping.

Get Plenty of Sleep
If you aren’t sure the impact that sleep has on your skin, all you have to do is take a look in the mirror after a sleepless night. Your skin will look pale and splotchy. You will have bags and dark circles under your eyes. You may even notice lines that you didn’t see before. While you sleep, your body does important restorative work for all your organs, including your skin. Sleep is the time that much cellular renewal and collagen growth occurs. Don’t rob yourself of those important benefits. Get at least seven to eight hours of restful sleep every night.

Stop trying to cover your dull and tired-looking skin with foundation or to prop it up with exfoliators. Solve the problem at its root and use these tips to get glowing skin from the inside out. You’ll turn heads wherever you go and have people thinking that you’re just the lucky recipient of some really great genes.

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