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Get Your Bum Ready For An Itsy Bitsy Bikini

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Summer is officially here! As exciting as the summer season is, it can also be a bit stressful to think about getting into the itsy bitsy bikini again. Are you with us on this one? It’s a constant struggle for many of us to embrace our bodies, and to feel the need to get prepared. Regardless, we know you’re probably feeling like you need to get your bum ready for an itsy bitsy bikini right about now. Before you stress any more, we did a little research on your behalf and found some of the best tips to help you prep before getting into your first bikini of the season.

Exfoliate Your Entire Body
You probably didn’t expect us to talk about skin care here, but this is a big part of getting ready for your bikini! Chances are your skin around your legs and arms is looking a bit dull after the gloomy winter months, one of the best ways to give your skin an extra boost and get that healthy glow back is to exfoliate. But we’re not just talking about exfoliating your face, if you’re stepping out in a bikini you want to make sure you’re exfoliating your entire body! Scrubs and dry brushes are the best and easiest ways to exfoliate your skin all over. It’s suggested to use the exfoliating products in the shower when your skin is wet and soft, this allows for the exfoliating products to smoothly and gently move across your skin to work in a much more functional way.

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Cut Out Some of the Bloat Causing Foods
We’re definitely not here to tell you to crash diet before getting into your bikini, because we want you to be healthy! One of the things we found to be a common tip in our research is experts suggesting to cut back on bloat causing food groups throughout the summer, and especially in the days leading up to putting your bikini on. You know the foods…the ones that cause you to feel extra bloated after you consume them. Typically those are foods that are higher in sodium. Again, we don’t want you to cut out ALL foods but cut back on the sugar, extra salt and processed foods to help you reduce bloating and feel more confident in your bikini.

Get Your SPF Collection Updated
Think you can just use one type of SPF on your entire body? Just like we don’t use the same skin car products on our face as we do the rest of our body, we shouldn’t be doing that with our SPF. Our skin has different needs in different areas of our bodies and experts stress the importance of accommodating that. You’ll want to use products that cater to the areas of your body to give you protection but also take care of your skin. In addition, now is the perfect time to take a look at your SPF collection at home to be sure you’re well stocked for the summer season so you can enjoy your bikini without worrying about not having the necessary protection.

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