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Foods That Won’t Make You Feel Better When You Are Sick

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The winter season is known for the weather changes, the holiday season and of course…the sick season.  We don’t like to focus on the negatives around here, but it’s no secret that people tend to get sick more often this time of year.  Of course, when you’re sick, it’s all about getting rest, drinking a lot of fluids and taking any necessary vitamins/medicine to speed up your recovery.  But it’s also important to make sure you’re eating, as difficult as it may seem at times when you’re not feeling so well.  We thought we would chat about the foods that won’t make you feel better when you are sick, because there’s a lot of chatter out there about what foods WILL but not enough about the ones that won’t.

Sugar and Sweets
If you’re feeling sick, you obviously don’t want the foods that you eat to make you feel any worse.  Many experts suggest that eating sugar and dessert like foods can often make you feel worse.  Why?  Sugar is known to cause inflammation in the body and negatively affect the immune system – so it can seriously make you feel worse than you did before.  Not to mention, if your stomach is feeling a bit out of sorts the sugar can cause it to feel even more uneasy.

Greasy Foods
So often when you start to feel a bit better when you’re sick, we all want to jump to enjoy some greasy foods like burgers and fries – and it always seems like those commercials are on when you’re resting in bed.  But as tempting as it can be, experts suggest avoiding those types of foods until you’re actually better.  Why?  Greasy foods tend to be rough on the stomach and digestive system, causing you to feel worse and your stomach end up feeling pretty tore up.

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Spicy Foods
There’s a lot of chatter about spicy foods being great to help with congestion if you’re dealing with that, but regardless of whether or not you have congestion, many experts have said that spicy foods really won’t help you feel any better when you’re sick.  The reason is because spicy food tends to be a bit too rough on your stomach and digestive system.  When you’re sick and your body is working to recover, you don’t want to eat anything that can cause your stomach to become upset or uncomfortable, so it’s really best to avoid spicy foods while you’re sick.

Acidic Foods
We all always hear about drinking orange juice when we’re sick for the vitamin C, however, it tends to be pretty acidic and can cause your stomach to feel pretty upset.  This goes for all acidic foods/ beverages, because they’re quite similar to greasy and spicy foods in that they’re quite unsettling to the stomach and tend to make you feel worse.  Experts suggest opting out of drinking or eating acidic foods for that very reason and choose some other options to keep your stomach settled.

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