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Foods That Can Have An Impact On Your Skin

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Estheticians and skin care experts of all kinds have found that there’s a huge relationship between what we eat and our skin’s health. They continue to find that when we eat certain foods, certain skin care concerns are much more common. In general, it’s really been discovered that our internal health has a direct impact on our skin’s health and appearance. If you tend to struggle with breakouts and skin care concerns and can’t seem to find products that help, it could be because of your diet. We found some of the foods that can have an impact on your skin to get you started with this information.

Dairy has been getting a lot of chatter among the skin care world because of the discovery that’s been found in how it affects the skin. If you’re a dairy lover, we hate to break it to you but it could be having a negative impact on your skin. There are quite a few skin concerns that have been linked to dairy, from acne to inflammation in the skin/body it’s pretty wide spread. So much so that many skin care experts are stressing that most people avoid dairy at all costs altogether to keep their skin in a healthier state.

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Another type of food that’s really been getting some negative press in the skin care world is sugar. Similar to dairy, sugar has been found to cause a lot of inflammation to arise in the body. When consuming sugar, our bodies have a big spike in inflammation that’s caused and can come out in forms of acne and eczema (just to name a few). While inflammation may not sound like that serious of a problem, it’s been known to have an impact on acne and even speed up the aging process in skin.  Most experts suggest avoiding sugar as much as possible to keep your body’s system free of having those big spikes in inflammation that can wreak havoc on your skin. Many people are taking to sugar detoxes to try it out to see what results they see before really committing to sugar free for life.

It’s probably not too shocking to hear that alcohol has been found to have a not so great impact on your skin. Unfortunately, alcohol has been found to cause the skin to lose a lot of water/moisture that it holds. This isn’t to say that you can’t still enjoy a nice glass or two of rose into the summer months, it’s really all about balance when it comes to alcohol. Experts suggest that when you have an excess amount of alcohol is really when you may notice some problems in the skin arise. The loss in moisture/hydration in the skin has been found to show signs of aging quicker because of the lack of moisture, and rosacea sufferers may notice an outbreak occur when consuming too much alcohol.

Have you noticed changes in your skin by eliminating any of these foods? If you haven’t tried eliminating them, do you think you will?

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