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Five Reasons Why It’s Really Bad To Share Beauty Products

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Beauty products are something that we all use, on a daily basis. Regardless of how many products you use, you do use some. It’s often a habit to share things with your friends, family members and even significant others…especially beauty products. Whether you’re at home and ran out, you just always share them, or you’re traveling sharing beauty products isn’t out of the norm for many people. The downside to this is, it’s actually not ideal to share beauty products. We’ve discovered five ways why it’s really bad to share beauty products.

Swap Eye Bacteria
It’s common to not really think about the bacteria that gets held on our beauty products, especially those products that are used on the eye area. Products like mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow are constantly being exposed to the bacteria that you have in the eye area yourself. When sharing these types of products, you’re swapping those eye bacteria between you and whoever else you’re sharing the products with. Swapping eye bacteria can lead to viruses and infections to occur in the eye.

Could Cause Breakouts
Similar to the bacteria on the eye products, when sharing beauty products in general, we can develop breakouts in the skin. Beauty products like brushes and other things that are often exposed and used on your skin can get built up with oil and bacteria on them. When you’re sharing those types of products with other people it’s not uncommon to develop breakouts as a result. If the person you’re sharing products with has a breakout and uses the product it’s pretty likely that you’ll end up developing a breakout yourself after sharing.

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Pass Along Facial Oil
Going off of the breakout aspect, really think about the fact that when you’re sharing beauty products you’re basically passing facial oil back and forth between you and the person(people) that you’re sharing the products with. As tempting as it may be to share brushes, sponges or even cleansing brushes-think about what those products are exposed to and are removing from your skin. Your skin has dead skin cells and oil on it, and so does the person who you’re sharing with. Sharing those products means you’re passing facial oil and dead skin cells between one another. This can result in breakouts, infections and irritations in the skin to occur.

Share Bodily Fluids
Have you ever shared a razor or beauty product tool? While it’s tempting to do so, it’s important to understand that by doing so you’re risking the chance of passing bodily fluids from one another. Just like the oil, sharing things like razors can cause you to share bodily fluids. How? Well if you really think about every time you’ve gotten little cuts or nicks in your skin when using them…then turning around sharing them with others leaves you sharing those bodily fluids. This can cause infections and other more serious diseases to be spread.

Could Cause Cold Sores
Sharing lip products seems harmless and it’s something we all do pretty often, but have you really thought about what can be caused by that? Many experts stress that cold sores are easily and readily spread when sharing lip products with others. Since our mouths have bacteria on them, sharing that bacteria with others can be dangerous and cause them (or us) to have a cold sore outbreak.

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