Beauty July 6, 2017

Five Overnight Makeovers

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Have you ever felt like you’d like to have a makeover happen overnight? While many beauty tips and having a healthy hair care and skin care routine consistently is necessary, we understand desiring a ‘quick fix’ type of situation when you’re just eager for a little oomph in your beauty. Luckily, experts in the beauty industry have discovered that using some ingredients that you probably have in your pantry can give you that overnight improvement in your beauty look. Don’t believe us? We’re giving you five overnight makeovers that we love and think you will too after you try them out for yourself.

Glowing Skin
Who doesn’t want glowing skin? We sure don’t know anyone. If you’re feeling like you want more glow in your skin, we have a trick that you may be surprised to learn can help you achieve the goal you have for glowing skin. Mixing honey with aloe vera gel and applying to your face before bed is all you need!

Shiny Hair
Another beauty goal most of us have in common…the desire for shiny, luscious hair. Rinsing your hair with rice water in the evening and giving your hair a thorough wash in the morning has been found to give hair a gorgeously shiny finish. In addition to shine, rice water helps to keep hair healthy and strong.

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Bright Skin
If you feel like your skin has been appearing a bit dull and lackluster, you may be eager to get a little skin brightening action in an overnight makeover. Well, you’re in luck because we have the perfect solution! Using a banana peel and rubbing it over your skin before heading to bed has been found to give your skin that brightened boost. Just wash your face when you wake in the morning, of course.

Minimize Acne
Fighting acne is never easy. Whether you have chronic acne or you’ve experienced acne popping up on the surface of your skin at an inconvenient time (not that there’s ever a convenient time), we all want to get rid of acne as quickly as possible. How does overnight sound for quick? All you need to do is apply a thin layer of honey, yes we said honey, to the area(s) of your skin that have acne infections. Try to cover the spots with something so it doesn’t rub off while you’re asleep. Apply before bed and simply rinse off in the morning when you wash your face. The honey helps to reduce the inflammation, redness and pore size rather quickly giving you a quick improvement result.

Reduce Dryness
Do you experience dry patches often? It can be difficult to find a way to ease the dryness in your skin in this case, and sometimes moisturizer doesn’t do it any justice. Rinsing skin with rice water has been found to give a nice boost of moisture to any areas that have a lot of dryness. Now if you have a lot of dryness in your lips, honey added to them before bed is the answer!

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